Hengshui Taocheng District branch carried out special rectification and improvement actions for packaged drinking water in summer
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With the advent of high temperature weather, packaged drinking water has entered the peak season of production and sales. In order to continuously and deeply promote the work of”keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety” of food safety, we will prevent and control the quality and safety of packaged drinking water in multiple links. Recently, the Taocheng District branch of Hengshui market supervision and Administration Bureau organized the special rectification and improvement of packaged drinking water in summer to effectively ensure the drinking water safety of the people.
Pay close attention to the production links without stopping
During the inspection of packaged drinking water production enterprises in the area under their jurisdiction, law enforcement personnel focused on the inspection of the production license of packaged drinking water, the control of raw materials and packaging materials, the control of production process, the ex factory inspection of products, the marking and other aspects. Through the way of inspection to promote improvement, strictly regulate the business behavior of production units, ensure the continuous and stable product quality, and improve the awareness of enterprise integrity management.
Strictly control the circulation and operation without slackening
For the field of packaged drinking water supply, law enforcement officers conducted a comprehensive survey of the packaged drinking water business units under their jurisdiction and established accounts. Carry out a special inspection on key business units under the jurisdiction. During the inspection, law enforcement personnel will focus on checking whether the business units’ business qualifications are sound, whether the purchase and sales accounts are established, whether the storage conditions meet the requirements, and whether there are expired foods. At the same time, explain the precautions and key points of packaged drinking water operation to operators, guide merchants to operate legally and in compliance, and escort the safety of drinking water for the masses.
Through the joint management of production and circulation, the production and management units of packaged drinking water in the jurisdiction have been effectively standardized, laying a solid foundation for the safety of drinking water for the people. Taocheng District branch of Hengshui market supervision and Administration Bureau will continue to carry out the special rectification of packaged drinking water and urge production and business units to actively implement the main responsibility. At the same time, we should strengthen publicity, mobilize the masses, complain and report illegal acts, and actively safeguard our legitimate rights and interests.