Hengshui market supervision bureau takes the lead in”strict” supervision of unqualified enterprises in food production supervision and sampling inspection
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As the source of processed food, food production is the top priority of food safety. Since this year, Hengshui Municipal Bureau has conscientiously implemented the”four strictest” requirements, deeply promoted the special action of”observing the bottom line, investigating hidden dangers and ensuring safety” of food safety, and always paid close attention to the supervision of food production safety, especially for unqualified enterprises in sampling inspection, strengthened the pertinence and targeting of supervision, improved the efficiency of supervision, and achieved remarkable results in ensuring food production safety.
Organize risk consultation, rigorous analysis, scientific research and judgment
Comprehensively sort out the unqualified (problem) situation in the sampling inspection and monitoring of food production links in the previous year, organize city and county supervisors, inspection experts, industry associations and enterprise representatives to conduct risk consultation, analyze the law of food safety problems, find out the main responsibility of enterprises and weak links in supervision, and scientifically analyze and judge the common problems exposed, including Baijiu, coated peanuts, barreled water, grain processed products Pastries and other products that are prone to fail are identified as key regulated varieties, 27 enterprises that have failed in the past two years are identified as key regulated enterprises, and Baijiu precision, plasticizer, total ester, sodium cyclamate, peroxide value and total bacterial count of coated peanuts, Pseudomonas aeruginosa in barreled water, preservative and total bacterial count of pastries, zearalenone of corn flour and other projects are identified as key unqualified prevention and control projects, Provide scientific basis and technical support for supervision.
Carefully arrange and deploy, closely organize and accurately implement policies
Formulate work points and plans in line with Hengshui’s reality, and highlight the pertinence and targeting of troubleshooting potential risks. The city’s food production supervision has implemented the”five lists” management, and the supervision departments and enterprises have”two clear accounts” for food safety assurance; Aiming at the problem that the supervision and inspection process is not strict, this paper puts forward the requirements of”five Musts” for the implementation of supervision and inspection; For the unqualified enterprises and unqualified projects in the sampling inspection of the previous year, we will review the sampling inspection, arrange the municipal level to track the sampling inspection of 100 batches, and check the actual effect of rectification; The municipal and county level daily supervision and inspection plans were formulated, and 18 municipal level daily supervision and inspection enterprises were arranged, mainly including unqualified enterprises and enterprises above designated size. On the basis of full coverage of daily supervision, the County Bureau upgraded the risk level of unqualified enterprises and increased the supervision frequency; Formulate the”three inspections” plan for food production enterprises, and conduct flight inspection or system inspection for all enterprises that have failed to meet the requirements, so as to further investigate potential problems.
Implement supervision and inspection, and implement strict measures in place
In view of the many unqualified situations of Baijiu and coated peanuts, the special rectification action of Baijiu coated peanuts was organized from April to June this year to focus on the problems existing in the Baijiu coated peanuts industry, such as lax raw material control, non-standard inspection and detection, improper selection of packaging materials and lax production process control, and guide the two county bureaus with more Baijiu and coated peanuts enterprises to formulate targeted supervision measures, Establish”one product, one policy” supervision archives. After the Provincial Bureau held a special rectification meeting on unqualified (problem) food production sampling inspection and monitoring in the first half of the year, it immediately organized the city to carry out special rectification on Baijiu and coated peanut enterprises that put forward early warning. Looking back, it strictly checked whether the rectification measures were continuously implemented, drew inferences from other enterprises, continued to carry out risk and hidden danger investigation, and resolutely curbed the unqualified trend. All unqualified enterprises shall be subject to high-standard flight inspection, and a joint inspection team composed of law enforcement officers from the municipal and county bureaus and third-party experts shall be formed to investigate the potential risks of enterprises in view of unqualified problems, and resolutely rectify them in place. At the same time, it shall supervise enterprises to strictly implement the risk list, measure list and responsibility list, and effectively implement the main responsibility of enterprises.
Carry out inspection and disposal, severely punish violations and eliminate hidden dangers
Start the inspection and disposal of unqualified enterprises at the first time, recall unqualified products, investigate the causes of unqualified products, and supervise the implementation of rectification. For different batches of products with the same potential risks, guide enterprises to carry out targeted inspection and investigation, recall products with safety risks, and prevent and control the expansion of food safety risks. Investigate and deal with illegal acts of producing substandard food according to law, and strictly implement the”five in place” requirements for verification and disposal. Enterprises with multiple batches of unqualified products were severely investigated and dealt with according to law. In the first half of this year, three enterprises with three batches or more of unqualified products were ordered to stop production and business, and the causes of unqualified products were investigated and rectified. If the rectification was not in place, they should not return to work. New problems and hidden dangers found in the inspection shall be included in the enterprise risk list management in time, and enterprises shall be guided to take practical and effective measures to eliminate food safety hidden dangers.
Establish a long-term mechanism and strictly abide by the bottom line of food safety
By making full use of the means of interview, the Municipal Bureau conducted interviews with two county and municipal bureaus and eight more batches of unqualified enterprises in which Baijiu and coated peanut enterprises are relatively concentrated, and implemented the regulatory responsibility and corporate responsibility of the jurisdiction. In view of the momentum of more unqualified batches in the first half of the year, on July 11, the municipal food production enterprise interview warning meeting was held to inform the unqualified situation in the first half of the year, analyze the reasons for the unqualified, and put forward requirements for the next work. In addition, in the first half of this year, we also organized enterprise training, self inspection of food safety, public commitment of food safety, etc., which effectively promoted the implementation of the main responsibilities of food enterprises. Through multiple measures and comprehensive treatment, we gradually established a working mechanism for key supervision and prevention, starting verification and disposal, carrying out risk research and judgment, following up regulatory measures, and looking back at the rectification effect, forming a risk prevention and control, problem discovery, cause investigation The long-term potential food safety hazard screening system was implemented and ensured. Through the long-term and effective operation of the system, food safety was effectively guaranteed and the bottom line of food production safety was firmly observed.