Hefei:strengthen product quality and safety supervision to ensure the safety of food related products
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In order to effectively prevent and resolve risks and solve outstanding problems in the field of food related products, focusing on the work goal of Hefei to create a national food safety demonstration city, the municipal market supervision bureau, in combination with the actual supervision, has taken multiple measures to carry out the in-process and post event supervision of Certified enterprises and the investigation and treatment of product quality hidden dangers, and orderly promote the progress of the special action of”keeping the bottom line, investigating hidden dangers and ensuring safety” in the field of food related products.
First, organize and carry out special actions to check and control the quality of food related products. The city has inspected 77 food related product manufacturing enterprises. The two enterprises found to have problems such as factory inspection, incomplete original records, no certificate for finished products, no tensile testing machine, stopwatch, etc., have been ordered to complete the rectification.
Second, organize and carry out quality supervision and random inspection of food related products. Food related products were included in the annual quality and safety supervision catalogue of key products of the market supervision department and the supervision and spot check work. At present, 82 groups of food related products have been spot checked.
Third, organize and carry out product quality and technical assistance and guidance. In combination with the in-process and post event supervision of the certified enterprise, Hefei Quality Inspection Institute and other relevant industry technical experts were invited to establish a”tour consultation” team for product quality and technology assistance, go to the front line of 15 relevant enterprises,”one-to-one” to carry out expert diagnosis, find and analyze the causes of nonconformities, and formulate targeted”quality Prescriptions”, so as to help enterprises establish and improve quality management systems and promote advanced quality management methods, Improve the quality subject consciousness and product quality management level.
Fourth, hold the promotion meeting of product quality and safety supervision such as food related product quality inspection and management. A special work promotion meeting was held to summarize and analyze the progress of food related product quality inspection and treatment in the previous stage, supervise and urge the market supervision departments of counties (cities), districts and development zones to continuously find out the potential quality and safety hazards of food related products, sort out the problems, establish problem accounts, and resolve the cancellation item by item.
The Bureau will continue to take this special action as the starting point, conscientiously perform its regulatory responsibilities, strengthen supervision, strengthen problem rectification, build a solid foundation for food related product safety with good work results, and make every effort to complete the task of”building a national food safety demonstration city in Hefei” to ensure food safety throughout the year.