Hefei Municipal Bureau of market supervision held a food safety”inspection and protection” work scheduling meeting and a regular food safety risk investigation and analysis meeting
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On the afternoon of July 21, Hefei Municipal Market Supervision Bureau held the city’s food safety”inspection and protection” work scheduling meeting and food safety risk investigation and analysis regular meeting. The person in charge and department heads of the food safety office of each county (city) district and Development Zone, and the person in charge of the relevant departments of the municipal market supervision bureau attended the meeting. Wang Yonghong, deputy director of the Municipal Food Safety Office, and caochangyin, a second-class researcher of the municipal market Supervision Bureau, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
The meeting reported on the recent work of deepening the”inspection and protection” of food safety, analyzed and judged the problems and shortcomings in the current work, and arranged and deployed the recent key work. Caochangyin put forward four requirements for the current”inspection and protection” work:strengthen consciousness in the implementation of the work; Be creative in measures; We should enhance the effectiveness of overall planning; We should enhance sensitivity in information processing.
Wang Yonghong stressed that market supervision departments at all levels in the city should attach great importance to the special action of”inspection and protection” of food safety, and should closely focus on the work requirements of the General Administration and provincial bureaus; We should focus on Hefei to create a national food safety demonstration city, be problem-oriented, find and solve problems; We should carefully look back on the special action of”observing, inspecting and protecting”, and seize the time to implement those that have not been implemented and the work progress is backward, so as to ensure that the special action has achieved solid results.