Hangzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau interviewed meituan and hungry platform on issues such as low price vicious competition
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In order to strengthen the food safety supervision of catering takeaway platforms, on July 21, the municipal market supervision bureau interviewed the takeaway delivery platforms such as meituan and hungry, and required relevant platforms to implement the responsibility of food safety management and prohibit catering businesses from vicious competition at low prices. Specifically, the following requirements were put forward:first, food safety issues are closely related to the life and health safety of ordinary people, and food safety issues should be given top priority on takeaway platforms, Strictly perform the responsibility of the platform in accordance with the law; Second, low price vicious competition is often accompanied by potential food safety problems. The catering industry should further standardize the business order, strictly prohibit vicious competition, and not allow low price dumping to disrupt the market order. Third, the takeout delivery platform should take warning, seriously carry out self-examination and self correction, and take one example against three, so as to ensure that food safety, low-cost malicious competition and other related problems do not happen again