Handan held the city’s food safety risk Conference Business Federation meeting
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The leaders in charge of the units directly under the municipal government respectively reported the progress of the food safety work undertaken by their units, and analyzed and discussed the existing risks and hidden dangers; The participants studied and discussed the inspection work of the special action for fake and shoddy food in rural areas of our city, the rectification and improvement of weak links in supervision, the joint supervision and standardized management of”three small” food, and put forward their opinions and suggestions; The municipal market supervision bureau reported the implementation of sampling and testing of food, edible and agricultural products in our city in the first half of the year; The participants discussed the work related to promoting the establishment of a national food safety demonstration city in our city.
The meeting stressed that first, we should implement the tasks and objectives. Effectively enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility of food safety work, carefully sort out and analyze all work, list the schedule and road map, reverse the construction period, and wall chart operations to ensure that all tasks and objectives achieve the expected results. Second, we should seek innovation in regulatory measures. In particular, our city was recommended by the provincial Food Safety Commission to participate in the fifth batch of national food safety demonstration city creation activities, which is both pressure and opportunity. We should firmly establish the awareness of innovation, benchmark advanced, strengthen exchanges, learn from experience, expand ideas, fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of cadres and workers, focus on the three key points of credit supervision, intelligent supervision, mechanism innovation and the”three small” of food Rural food safety and other weak regulatory links, actively promote work innovation, mechanism innovation, initiative innovation, break through bottlenecks, eliminate obstacles, and create”glory and luster” for the demonstration city. Third, we should work hard to crack down on violations of the law. Adhere to the attitude of zero tolerance, and make full use of punishment to people, prohibition of employment, joint punishment and other measures, so that violators can break their promises and be restricted everywhere. We will further strengthen supervision over the investigation and handling of cases, so that the completion rate of three types of cases, including cases transferred by superiors, complaints and reports, and public opinion monitoring cases, reaches 100%. Fourth, we should strive to be the first to be promoted in the year-end assessment. Strengthen the communication with the provincial counterpart departments, timely understand and master the evaluation trends and requirements of the province, and promote the work with a clear purpose; According to the national and provincial key work arrangements at the beginning of the year, we should promote quantitative indicators according to the time nodes, innovate regulatory measures, strive for more points, and ensure that a satisfactory answer sheet is submitted to the municipal Party committee and the municipal government at the end of the year.