Haidong:focus on the key, focus on the key, tighten supervision, and continue to promote the special action of”inspection and protection” of food safety
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In order to thoroughly investigate potential risks of food safety and solve outstanding problems in food production and operation, Haidong market supervision system, in accordance with the unified arrangement of the provincial market supervision bureau, has set up leading groups level by level, printed and distributed work plans, mobilized and deployed in time, set goals, responsibilities and progress, steadily promoted the special action of”keeping the bottom line, checking potential risks and ensuring safety” in food safety, and inspected 14200 food production and operation entities in total, 86 potential risks were found, the disposal rate reached 93%, and 74 food cases were investigated and handled.
Focus on the key and lay a solid”foundation pile” for food production safety. Focusing on enterprises with high market share and wide sales coverage in the field of food production and key varieties with large consumption, combined with the actual situation, the company focused on the inspection of incoming goods, production process control, factory inspection, label identification and other risks and hidden dangers. For the hidden risks found in the investigation, the food production enterprises were urged to rectify in time. At the same time, urge food production enterprises to seriously implement the main responsibility of food safety, strictly enter the food traceability system, strictly control the product quality, and eliminate the hidden dangers of food safety risks. A total of 305 small workshops of food production enterprises were inspected, and the problems found were required to be rectified on site, and 2 were closed for rectification.
Focus on key points and build a”firewall” for food sales safety. Focus on chain sales enterprises, fresh food distribution and other fields, synchronously investigate the implementation of food safety responsibilities and potential food safety risks of food wholesale enterprises, distribution centers, and food business stores, and strive to solve outstanding problems. In particular, the bulk food business license management was strictly investigated, and the bulk food was standardized and rectified in four aspects:region, storage, sales, label and identification. The operators were guided to make rectification in place. 10864 food business units (Times) were inspected, and 73 problems were found, and the rectification has been completed; Focus on the special clean-up and rectification of the chaos in the health food and”health” market, strengthen the investigation of potential risks, and timely rectify the found potential risks such as non-standard health food labels, incomplete certificates and tickets, and failure to store as required.
Strictly supervise and organize a”protective net” for the safety of catering services. Refine daily supervision, give full play to the advantage of Ankang Hehuang platform”Internet + bright kitchen and bright stove”, carry out online and offline synchronous inspection for catering units, third-party platform providers of online food trading, online merchants, campus canteens and other key units, and strengthen the supervision of key links such as kitchen environmental sanitation, tableware washing and cleaning, and health management of employees. The potential food safety risks existing in the school canteen, catering units and food operators around the campus were comprehensively investigated, and the strict quality and safety management of bulk food and the sale of expired food were comprehensively inspected, and the problems found were rectified in a timely manner. At the same time, we continued to strengthen the online management and supervision of the third-party online ordering platform, and basically realized the supervision mode of 10 ordering platforms, 248 distribution riders, 1665 check-in catering households with strict online review and strict offline control.
Source:Haidong Market Supervision Bureau