Guard”tip of tongue safety”! Xiaoshan comprehensively carried out the special rectification action of frog aquatic products
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  Establish rules, regulations and norms first
The”market entry requirements for frog aquatic products in xinnongdu aquatic market” was issued, detailing the requirements for incoming inspection, batch inspection, Zhejiang food chain, unqualified disposal and other behaviors:pre inspection before entering the site, and only those who pass the inspection can enter the site; Purchase reporting and shipment transactions are conducted using”Zhejiang food chain”; The market side will increase the coverage of sampling inspection of high-risk projects of frog aquatic products.
  Interview guidance and comprehensive investigation
Xinnongdu aquatic products wholesale market is the main source of import of frog aquatic products in the district. Therefore, our bureau takes xinnongdu aquatic products wholesale market as the key area of this regulation, and makes administrative interviews with the market organizers and frog aquatic products operators, focusing on the inspection of the sampling inspection of frog aquatic products, whether the market organizers fulfill the obligation of market entry inspection, and whether the operators fulfill the obligation of purchase inspection. All grassroots offices (sub bureaus) sign administrative notices one by one with frog aquatic products business entities within their jurisdiction to effectively improve the standard operation awareness of business households.
  Surprise inspection is powerful
During the rectification period, our bureau adopted the”four no two direct” inspection method to conduct surprise inspections on the implementation of relevant policies by market organizers and business operators, which formed a deterrent to the non-standard business behavior of business operators. Since the rectification action was carried out, our bureau has dispatched more than 30 law enforcement personnel, carried out 6 late night surprise inspections, supervised and sampled 13 batches, and 1 batch of unqualified pre applied for objection re inspection.