Guangxi’s first prefabricated vegetable industry base was launched in Qinzhou
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On July 15, the launching activity of Qinzhou base of prefabricated vegetable industry was successfully held in Qinzhou.
Qinzhou City accurately grasps the pulse of the industrial development era, and based on the basic advantages of resource endowment, convenient transportation, excellent ecology, high quality and so on, plans to build a”1+5″ mode of prefabricated food industry sub parks, and takes the lead in building RCEP (Qinzhou) prefabricated food industry base in Beibu Gulf, Guangxi, and even southwest provinces.
At the launching ceremony, the vice president of China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of food, native produce and livestock delivered a video speech on behalf of the chamber of Commerce, saying:in the face of the epidemic, the rapid promotion of RCEP (Qinzhou) prefabricated vegetable industry project fully reflects Qinzhou’s keen vision and ability to grasp the new situation. Qinzhou has advantages in resources, transportation and ecology in the prefabricated food industry. The chamber of Commerce will take the strategic cooperation reached with Qinzhou as an opportunity to give full play to the resource advantages of the chamber of Commerce in terms of international channels, international platforms and the integration of domestic and foreign trade in the food field, so as to promote RCEP (Qinzhou) prefabricated food industry into a new highland of development and promote the development of the whole industrial chain of prefabricated food.
In order to promote the foreign exchange of Qinzhou’s Prefabricated food industry, Qinzhou will organize prefabricated food enterprises to participate in the 2022 China prefabricated food (prefabricated food) International Summit Forum held in Guangzhou from September 16 to 18, to display the overall image of Qinzhou’s Prefabricated food enterprises and promote Qinzhou’s Prefabricated food industry.