Gongyi City launched the 2022 food safety publicity week
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   为更好地宣传和普及食品安全知识,7月28日上午,巩义市在市人民广场北门开展了以“共创食安新发展 共享美好新生活”为主题的2022年全市食品安全宣传周活动。活动由巩义市政府食品安全委员会办公室主办,巩义市市场监管局、市农委、卫健委、发展改革委、公安局、教育局、统战部、畜牧中心、市区4个街道办事处共同参与。

At the main site of the event, all units set up consultation desks at the event site in combination with their respective functions, accept public consultation on the site, distribute publicity materials and promotional materials, and create a strong publicity atmosphere by setting up display boards and hanging banners. Around the food safety laws and regulations, food safety related knowledge, the staff patiently and carefully explained to the people coming and going, widely publicized and mobilized the public to participate in the establishment of a national food safety demonstration city in Zhengzhou. It not only enables the masses to understand and master food safety knowledge in time, but also greatly enhances the masses’ awareness of food safety and effectively ensures the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of the masses.
At the same time, sub venues will be opened simultaneously within the jurisdiction of the town (street) market supervision to carry out various forms and rich content of food safety publicity activities. By setting up information desks, hanging banners, setting up exhibition boards, and distributing publicity materials and materials, we can go deep into the grass-roots level, approach the masses, guide the masses to correctly understand food safety, and further improve their awareness of food safety.
In this event, a total of 14 publicity display boards were set up, 18 publicity banners were hung, more than 10000 publicity materials were distributed, more than 200 publicity materials were distributed, and more than 200 people were consulted. Next, Gongyi City will continue to strengthen publicity, continue to carry out extensive food knowledge popularization theme publicity activities for the society, improve the pertinence and effectiveness of food safety publicity, set off a climax of activities in the city, and create a good atmosphere for the whole society to care about and pay attention to food safety, support and participate in Zhengzhou to create a national food safety demonstration city.


Author:WANGYajuan, Gongyi market supervision and Administration Bureau