Gansu Pingliang market supervision and administration bureau supervises the supervision of imported cold chain food in the central urban area of Pingliang
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The inspection team successively went deep into the Kongtong District grandma’s impression of sour and spicy powder century garden store, Kongtong District Yuyou together century garden store, Yuyou together catering Jinrun store, Kaka bakery, whether the operation and use units of imported cold chain food have fully implemented the main responsibility in epidemic prevention and control and food safety management, and whether the”one sweep and three inspections” system has been implemented for the staff entering the store, Whether the daily nucleic acid test and weekly nucleic acid test of the operating environment have been implemented for the imported cold chain operators, whether the business premises have been regularly disinfection and sterilization, and whether the regulatory measures of”three specialties, three certificates, and four noes” for oral cold chain food have been implemented.
The inspection team requires that all imported cold chain business units should fully implement the main responsibility, strictly abide by the”three specialties, three certificates and four nos” management system of imported cold chain food, fully apply the”food safety information traceability platform of Gansu Province”, and timely, accurately and completely record the variety, specification, batch, quantity, origin, inspection and quarantine certificate of imported cold chain food, novel coronavirus nucleic acid test qualification report, goods disinfection and sterilization certificate Sales account and other information to ensure that the imported cold chain food”has traceable sources, traceable destinations and controllable problems”, and effectively prevent the hidden dangers of the epidemic of imported cold chain food. At the same time, we should earnestly implement the”one sweep and three checks” system for employees, increase the health examination and nucleic acid detection of employees, and maintain the regular disinfection and sterilization and ventilation of business premises. Catering service units should provide”chopsticks, spoons and clips” to customers who want to eat together, reminding customers to order reasonably and eliminating waste. Catering service units engaged in online ordering should standardize the use of”food safety seal” in accordance with the requirements of”one seal for one meal”.
In response to the problems found in the inspection, the supervision team guided the business unit to rectify on the spot, and issued a notice ordering rectification for those with potential safety hazards. Next, the city’s market supervision system will continue to carry out the investigation of potential risks of cold chain food, make every effort to build a basic defense line of”people with the same defense”, prevent and control the group, and jointly protect the health and life safety of the people.