Fujian Provincial Market Supervision Bureau organized and held an exchange meeting on food safety risk early warning of provincial departments
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According to the requirements of the Interim Provisions on the analysis of food safety situation and the exchange and cooperation of food safety risk early warning in Fujian Province issued by the provincial food safety office, the provincial Market Supervision Bureau actively promotes the institutionalization and normalization of the exchange of food safety risk early warning, and focuses on building a long-term working mechanism of weekly sampling information disclosure, monthly provincial department information push, quarterly food safety situation analysis or risk early warning exchange, and annual exchange and cooperation in the southern coastal region.
Recently, the provincial market supervision bureau organized the second quarter Provincial Department food safety risk early warning exchange meeting. A total of 28 people attended the meeting, including the person in charge of food sampling inspection and monitoring of the provincial agricultural and rural, health, ecological environment, marine and fishery, grain storage, forestry and other departments, as well as Fuzhou Customs, the main person in charge of food sampling inspection, food safety coordination, food production, food circulation, catering, special food and other departments of the provincial market supervision bureau, as well as relevant personnel, relevant experts from the Institute of food inspection of the Provincial Academy of quality inspection, as well as members of the secretary group of food sampling inspection.
At the meeting, food experts from the provincial quality inspection institute were invited to analyze and exchange information on international and domestic public opinion hotspots on food safety and the situation of substandard food in the domestic province; The provincial market supervision bureau analyzed, studied and judged the sampling inspection of food supervision in the first half of the year from the perspectives of key varieties, key projects, key enterprises and other dimensions; The departments of agriculture, rural areas and health respectively reported the relevant situation of sampling inspection and monitoring in the first half of the year; The Provincial Department of ecological environment introduced the treatment and protection of cultivated land, soil and water sources. The participants focused on the analysis of food safety issues such as pesticide and veterinary drug residues, heavy metal pollution, over range and over limit use of food additives, adulteration, microbial and organic pollution and the resulting food safety risks, and further discussed the measures to strengthen food safety supervision.
The meeting believed that all provincial food safety related departments should adhere to the problem orientation, strengthen the combination of inspection and management and targeted governance for the key problems found in sampling inspection and monitoring, strengthen the cooperation of departments, and solidly promote the whole chain of food safety supervision from farmland to dining table.
First, the excessive consumption of pesticides and veterinary drugs in agricultural products is still the main problem of current food safety. It is necessary to strengthen the source control of planting and breeding links, effectively strengthen the safety supervision of pesticides and veterinary drugs, and severely crack down on illegal production, sales and use of highly toxic, banned, restricted pesticides and veterinary drugs, as well as failure to implement the drug suspension period and other illegal acts;
Second, attach great importance to the migration of ecological environment pollution to food safety, further strengthen the remediation and protection of the ecological environment such as soil, water and ocean, and strengthen the control of heavy metal pollution of edible agricultural products.
Third, continue to promote the special rectification of”two excesses and one non”, strengthen sampling inspection and monitoring, practically strengthen the safety supervision of edible vegetable oil and dairy production enterprises, and strictly investigate and deal with illegal acts such as the use of food additives beyond the scope and limit and adulteration;
Fourth, strengthen the supervision of many batches of unqualified food production and operation enterprises, take comprehensive measures such as responsibility interview, follow-up sampling inspection, raising the risk level, increasing the frequency of supervision, suspension of business for rectification until suspension of certificates, and force enterprises to implement the main responsibility of food safety.
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