Frontiers in plant science, the coconut Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Thermal Sciences, published new progress in the study of jujube response to salt stress
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Recently, the jujube research center of the coconut Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Thermal Sciences in froNtiers in Plant Science (jcr1, if=6.627) published a report entitled”salt stress modulates the landscape of trans”The research paper of”scriptome and alternative spreading in date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)” expounds the new progress of jujube tree in the adaptability of saline alkali soil.
Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is a perennial tree of palm family, which is the main food crop in the Middle East countries and regions. In December 2021, the United Arab Emirates donated 1500 date palm trees to China, which not only symbolized the friendly diplomatic relations between China and Argentina, but also promoted agricultural scientific research exchanges between the two sides. The jujube research center of the Institute has carried out functional research on the adaptability of introduced jujube trees to saline alkali soil. Starting from basic research, through physiological, biochemical and transcriptome sequencing, it explores the signal pathway of jujube trees in response to salt stress, deeply analyzes the molecular mechanism of alternative splicing involved in salt stress regulation, and provides a theoretical and scientific basis for jujube trees to be planted in saline alkali soil. On this basis, the research team will combine the developed date regeneration system, carry out joint research on cutting-edge technologies and key common technologies, explore the adaptability improvement and productivity improvement of date palm trees in saline alkali land, and open up a new blueprint for improving China’s”comprehensive agricultural utilization of saline alkali land”.
  Team Introduction
The jujube research center of the coconut Research Institute is led by assistant researcher Xu Zhongliang and takes jujube as the research object. The main directions of the team during the 14th Five Year Plan Period:introduction, trial planting and risk assessment of dates; Efficient regeneration lines and genetic transformation of Zizyphus jujuba; Molecular mechanism of stress resistance and functional gene mining in jujube.
Assistant researcher Xu Zhongliang and assistant researcher Zhang Ning of coconut Institute of Chinese Academy of thermal sciences are the co first authors of the research paper, and Professor Wang Zhenyu of Guangdong Academy of Sciences is the corresponding author. Coconut Research Institute of Chinese Academy of thermal sciences is the first completion unit, and Sanya Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Thermal Sciences and Guangdong Academy of sciences are the participating units. The above research work was supported by the open project of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas,”Introduction and risk assessment of dates”.
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