Food safety tips in high temperature season
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At present, Xuancheng has entered the season of high temperature and humidity, and all kinds of bacteria breed actively, which is very easy to cause foodborne diseases. Xuancheng market supervision and Administration Bureau specially reminds catering service providers to improve food safety awareness, standardize processing operations, and strictly prevent food poisoning.
Incoming inspection and storage shall be strict
Implement the system of incoming inspection and claim for certificates and tickets, prohibit the processing of wild animals and their products, and prohibit the purchase of poultry and livestock meat that has not been quarantined or fails to pass the quarantine. Raw materials shall be stored by classification and partition according to the storage conditions to avoid cross contamination. Refrigerated frozen food shall meet the relevant temperature requirements. Rotten and deteriorated raw materials beyond the shelf life shall not be used.
Environmental management of business premises should be in place
Keep the business premises clean, implement measures to prevent rats, flies, insects and dust, and keep the air unblocked and the toilet clean. Employees should wash their hands and disinfect frequently, and it is strictly forbidden to work with diseases.
The processing operation specifications should be strictly observed
The processing tools should be separated from raw and cooked. The food processing should be cooked thoroughly to ensure that the central temperature reaches more than 70 ℃. The food should be eaten within 2 hours after cooking. If it exceeds 2 hours, it can be eaten after heating. Raw food, cold food, self-made drinks, etc. should strictly implement the operation requirements of special rooms or areas to ensure food safety; Tableware should be cleaned, disinfected and kept clean every day.
  The main responsibility of the management body of group meals should be implemented
Canteens of various units, school canteens, group meal distribution units, banquet, group meal reception hotels and other group meal units should earnestly strengthen the performance of their main responsibilities, implement various food safety management systems, standardize the processing process control, strictly implement the sample retention management, try to avoid providing raw and cold food, and strictly prevent mass foodborne disease events.
Emergency disposal should be timely
Catering service providers should regularly carry out self-examination to eliminate potential accidents in a timely manner. In case of suspected food poisoning, effective measures should be taken immediately to prevent the expansion of the accident, and immediately report to the local market supervision and management department, cooperate with the investigation of the cause of the accident, and implement rectification measures.
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