[food safety science popularization] honey product consumption warning
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Honey is favored by consumers because it is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals. However, fake and shoddy products are confused, flooding the market, and there are many names, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between true and false. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and ensure public safety, the market supervision and Administration Department reminded consumers that they should be cautious and rational when purchasing honey, and improve their awareness of prevention. When purchasing honey, they should pay attention to ten details:

Look at the label and price
When choosing honey, you should first look at the ingredients list. The ingredients list of pure honey must not contain any substance other than honey; Secondly, it depends on the price. The cost of adulterated honey is much lower than that of real honey. Therefore, products that are too cheap are more likely to be adulterated. Try not to buy honey products that are much cheaper than their peers.

Look at gloss and color
Real honey is thick and dense. The gloss of fake honey is poor and muddy. After stirring with chopsticks, fake honey will have impurities. The color of real honey is uniform, shiny and translucent.

Check consistency
Insert a bamboo chopstick into the honey and lift it vertically. The pure honey drops slowly, with high viscosity and wiredrawing. After the wire is broken, it shrinks back, and the dripping honey will pile up on the liquid surface and slowly disperse; Fake honey mixed with sugar or honey with low concentration drops quickly and will not be brushed. You can also drop honey on white paper. If the honey gradually seeps open, it means that it is mixed with sugar and water.

Inverted honey bottle
Due to the low water content and sticky texture of honey, if you turn the sealed honey bottle upside down, you will find that the air sealed at the mouth of the bottle is difficult to rise and bubble.

Put it in the refrigerator to keep fresh, and see the crystallization of honey in a few days
The honey put into the refrigerator will become solid after a period of time, and the real honey will become less transparent. If you stick it with chopsticks, eyes will appear, while the fake honey will not stick.

Stir up some honey with a small spoon or toothpick and stretch it outward. The real honey can usually pull out the thin and transparent”honey silk”, and the silk will automatically retract and appear spherical after breaking.

Grinding particles
Buy milky white or light yellow natural”crystal honey”. You can pick out the crystal and grind it on your fingertips. The crystal particles of real honey are fine and will melt completely.

Real honey will give off a faint fragrance when it is opened, and the smell is pure and natural, which will last for a long time. But the fragrance of fake honey is very strong. It smells pungent or fruity, which is unnatural and lasts for a short time.

Distinguish the taste
Pure honey tastes sweet and thick, with a faint floral fragrance, and the taste is soft and delicate. The aftertaste is long, and it will melt soon after eating. Although the fake honey mixed with sucrose has sweet taste, it has poor fragrance, short aftertaste and sucrose taste; Mixed with saccharin, the aftertaste is long, but it has a bitter taste. If the fake honey has crystals, it will not melt soon after eating.

Talk about science
Self brewed honey needs to be processed to a certain extent and can only be eaten or sold after passing the inspection. When consumers buy honey, they should buy honey through formal channels. Do not buy honey of unknown origin and without packaging. At the same time, consumers are advised to dilute honey with warm or cold boiled water before taking it!