Food safety consumption warning in summer
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At present, Huimin County has entered the hot season. In order to prevent and reduce the occurrence of food poisoning events and ensure the health and life safety of consumers, Huimin County market supervision and Administration Bureau issued a warning on food safety consumption in summer, reminding consumers to improve food hygiene habits, enhance food safety awareness and reduce the risk of food safety accidents.

Epidemic prevention and control are not relaxed
On the premise of complying with the provisions of epidemic prevention and control and food safety and standardizing business activities, catering units should strictly prevent people with fever, cough and other symptoms from entering the catering place, reasonably control the distance between queuing and dining personnel, remind and ensure that consumers use chopsticks or spoons to eat separately, and prevent cross infection. The online ordering platform should strengthen the health and hygiene management of meal delivery personnel, ensure that the delivery vehicle (box) is clean, clean and disinfect at least twice a day, and implement”food safety seal” and”zero contact” distribution. When dining out, consumers should strictly implement the relevant provisions and requirements of epidemic prevention and control, tighten the strings, do not relax, and do not engage in group dinners.

Choose a hotel carefully
When dining out or ordering meals online, we should choose catering units with complete licenses and high quantification level, try to choose catering units with”bright kitchen and bright stove”, and supervise the whole process of food processing and production by catering units through video display.

Be careful when purchasing food materials
It is not allowed to purchase sprouted potatoes, wild mushrooms, meat that has died of illness, poisoning, unknown cause of death or has not been quarantined, cooked meat processed by street unlicensed vendors and other foods. When buying cooked food, you should go to a legally qualified shop and observe the color and smell. Try not to buy homemade cooked food, cold dishes, bean products, raw seafood, etc. sold by roadside vendors.

Pay attention to the processing process
Employees of catering units should hold valid health certificates and maintain good personal hygiene; Strictly disinfect the processing environment, tool containers and tableware to reduce food pollution; When processing food, the operation should be standardized, and it is not allowed to process expired and deteriorated food; Stored food should be separated from raw food and cooked food to prevent cross contamination; It is strictly forbidden to make and sell cold dishes without permission; When processing kidney beans and other high-risk foods, be sure to cook them thoroughly.

Be careful with leftovers
The temperature is high in summer, and the food is easy to deteriorate if it is not stored properly. The leftovers and overnight meals should be heated again at high temperature before eating to ensure that they are cooked and cooked thoroughly. They can be eaten only after confirming that they have not deteriorated.

Food storage should be scientific
The food stored in the refrigerator should not be too full, and it should be defrosted regularly; Vegetables and fruits should be stored separately from raw meat and fish; Bottled, canned, carton and vacuum packaged food should be used immediately after opening. After opening, it should be refrigerated in time. When refrigerated, it should be wrapped with fresh-keeping film, and the time should not exceed 24 hours.

Eat less barbecue food
When food is barbecued, smoked and roasted, a large number of free radicals produced by high-temperature cracking of fat will generate benzopyrene through overheat polymerization. Frequent intake of barbecue food is potentially harmful to health. If barbecue food is roasted for a short time, the central temperature may not reach the sterilization temperature, which is easy to cause diners to infect digestive tract diseases, parasitic diseases and zoonoses. The roadside barbecue stalls have poor sanitary conditions, nonstandard processing and production processes, and the time and place of operation are not fixed, which pose potential risks to the health of consumers. It is recommended that consumers eat barbecue food with caution.

Strengthen the awareness of safeguarding rights
Consumers should seek medical treatment in time if they feel uncomfortable eating out, keep dining vouchers, medical record cards, laboratory reports and other relevant materials, and dial 12345 in time to report, so as to safeguard their personal rights and interests.
Huimin County market supervision and Administration Bureau
July 14th, 2022