Food information one week hot smell (7.10-7.16)
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The following is the weekly hot news of food information summarized by food partners (7.10-7.16).

1、 Domestic hot smell

1. Notice · announcement

Since December two0two1, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas has focused on the 11 outstanding problem varieties and the main production areas of winter vegetables”transporting vegetables from south to North” of edible agricultural products in the three-year action of”controlling contraband, controlling drug residues and promoting promotion”. It has deployed and carried out special supervision and random inspection on the quality and safety of agricultural products. By the end of April two0twotwo, 444two batches of samples of three major categories of agricultural products, namely, planting products, livestock and poultry products and aquatic products, have been sampled, and two7 batches of samples have been found to have problems, It mainly refers to the detection of banned pesticides in vegetables, drugs and other compounds prohibited from food animals and drugs used without approval in animal products and aquatic products. (Ministry of agriculture and rural areas)

Recently, the comprehensive group of the State Council on the joint prevention and control mechanism for the covid-19 epidemic issued a notice to further optimize the prevention and control of COVID-19 of imported goods. (National Health Commission)

In order to scientifically and accurately prevent and control the COVID-19 at the port of imported cold chain food (including edible agricultural products), consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention and control, and ensure the safety of the industrial chain supply chain, the General Administration of customs decided to further optimize and improve the epidemic prevention and control measures at the port of imported cold chain food. (General Administration of Customs)

In accordance with the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China, the advertising law of the people’s Republic of China, the quality and safety law of agricultural products of the people’s Republic of China and other laws and regulations, the State Administration of market supervision, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, the national Health Commission and the General Administration of Customs jointly formulated the provisions on investigating and dealing with illegal acts of producing and selling food containing gold and silver foil powder. (State Administration of market supervision and Administration)

twoFood safety exposure platform

Recently, the people’s Court of Tieshangang District, Beihai City sentenced three cases of endangering food safety, sentenced the defendants Yao, Chen and pang to fixed-term imprisonment of six to eight months, suspended for one year, and fined 5000 to 8000 yuan. At the same time, the three defendants were prohibited from engaging in food production, sales and related activities during the probation period of suspension. (Beihai Tieshangang District People’s court wechat)

From July 4 to July 10, the public opinion information of the food industry in a week was:”Zhong Xuegao ice cream is suspected to be unfired” which led to hot discussion; Maixier replied to the attention letter of Shenzhen Stock Exchange; Hot search on”takeout brother takes food and encounters a dog eating in a rice bucket”; Weibo false activity exposure platform responded to the false lottery of yogurt; Naixue’s tea and Xi tea are accused of reducing prices and saving routines; The price of potato silk in a hotel in Wutai Mountain is 48 yuan, which is questioned; The national development and Reform Commission responded that pig prices rose too fast; Maotai ice cream was fried to three times the official price. (food partner network)

Recently, the Shanghai municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau released an administrative penalty information. Shanghai Jiyuan Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”the party”) was fined 50000 yuan by the Shanghai Putuo District market supervision and Administration Bureau for selling skin shrimp products with excessive heavy metal pollutants. (food partner network)

Recently, the Shanghai municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau released an administrative penalty information. Carrefour (Shanghai) Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”the party”) was fined 50000 yuan by the Shanghai Putuo District market supervision and Administration Bureau for selling edible agricultural products with excessive pesticide residues. (food partner network)

Recently, the website of the Shanghai municipal market supervision bureau announced an administrative penalty information. Chongming first branch of Shanghai Xinguo Technology Co., Ltd. (the shop sign is”hotmax for good sale”) was fined 7000 yuan by the Shanghai Chongming district market supervision and Administration Bureau for selling chocolate beyond the shelf life. (food partner network)

According to an administrative penalty information released on the website of Changsha market supervision and Administration Bureau, beienxi (Hunan) Dairy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”the party”) was fined 6.9951 million yuan and 36767 cans of the products involved were confiscated by Changsha market supervision and Administration Bureau for detecting vanillin in a stage of infant formula sheep milk powder. (food partner network)
3、Hot news of domestic food information

With the improvement of living standards, health preservation and health care have become the current trend, and health food has been favored by many consumers. In order to improve consumers’ recognition ability of health food and help consumers choose and eat health food correctly, Shi Hua Shi Shuo specially brings health food popular science knowledge to help you scientifically understand and reasonably choose health food. (Shandong market supervision wechat)


Recently, Haagen Dazs launched a recall after it was exposed that ethylene oxide was detected in products sold to many countries and regions. Although there are no reports about the relationship between the Chinese Mainland market and the products involved, Haagen Dazs, as the number one in the ice cream industry, has attracted a lot of attention. (of course, it can’t be compared with domestic ice cream screen). (yunwuxin is my wechat)

Since the beginning of this year, market supervision departments at all levels have focused on prominent issues that have been strongly reflected by the masses and concerned by public opinion in the field of people’s livelihood, and have launched heavy attacks to severely crack down on food safety violations, illegal food additions that claim to lose weight and boost Yang, illegal oil quality and gas station metrology cheating, false illegal advertisements such as”miracle medicine” and”miracle medicine”, false publicity in the field of medical beauty, refurbishment of”black gas cylinders” and low-quality gas appliances, overdue elevator inspections The illegal act of”no bottom line marketing” was carried out for minors, and a number of illegal cases closely related to the masses and of a bad nature were investigated and handled. Some typical cases involving five food cases are now published. (State Administration of market supervision and Administration)

6月two0日,据台媒消息,美国雀巢旗下知名冰淇淋品牌Häagen-Dazs(哈根达斯)在中国台湾地区发出声明,证实此次进口到台湾的香草品脱冰淇淋和香草桶装冰淇淋在输入查验时检出极微量残留农药环氧乙烷(ethylene oxide),哈根达斯第一时间将这两批次有疑虑的产品进行封仓并停止出货,同时进一步预防性自主下架有疑虑相关批号的产品,并提供客户退货及消费者退款。(食品伙伴网)

Recently, ice cream has dominated the screen, from”Assassin ice cream” to”one hour without melting”, to”burning” and”heating with microwave”, all kinds of media we media have a lot of fun. Many people never forget the”ice cream of childhood” and are full of worries about the”ice cream of today” – in other words, the”characteristics” of modern ice cream exceed many people’s cognition and make people uneasy. This article starts with the”ancestor” of ice cream (there are many statements about historical textual research, one of which is whether you believe it or not), and talks about how it evolved into what it is today. Finally, let’s talk about whether this”evolution” is”evolution” or”degeneration”. (yunwuxin is my wechat)


Dairy industry trends in June:”propylene glycol detected in maixil pure milk” attracted attention; Cass once again responded to the incident of”Cass yogurt yeast exceeding the standard”; Guangming, Aoyou, Mengniu and other new products;”Adopt a cow” completed the listing guidance, and Cody dairy was officially delisted; Guangming dairy, Yili, JUNLEBAO and other pasture projects; The case of Danone’s acquisition of Dumex was publicized. (food partner network)


The soft drink industry trends in June include:the new regulations for solid drinks will be implemented from June 1; New products such as tea drinks, bubble drinks, and energy drinks come on the market together; Some projects such as Yuanqi forest and Jingtian have been put into operation; Progress has been made in the listing of Tiandi No. 1, Dongpeng beverage and Tianye shares; Naixue’s tea children’s Day package is accused of hunger marketing; Nongfu mountain spring responded to the description of”snow on Mount Taibai”. (food partner network)

2、 International hot news
1、International early warning 

On July 14, the veterinary and Plant Health Supervision Bureau of the Russian Federation reported that fluvarol, a Chinese veterinary drug, was unregistered and illegally circulated in the Russian market, which was used to treat and prevent aspergillosis in bees. (food partner network)

Recently, the US FDA website updated the import warning measures (IMport alert),其中,对我国two家企业的相关产品实施了自动扣留。(食品伙伴网)









7月11日,据韩媒报道,韩国希杰(CJ Freshway)将在韩国市场上推出中国火锅品牌“海底捞”火锅底料等调味酱汁类产品。(食品伙伴网)



7月13日,福建省科学技术厅网站公布了two0two1年度福建省科学技术奖初评通过项目,共计two18个项目。其中,自然科学奖two0项、技术发明奖1项、科技进步奖185项、成果转化奖1two项。(食品伙伴网 )



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