[exposure platform] Feicheng City, Shandong Province announced a typical case of violating the”eight noes” of imported cold chain food epidemic prevention and control
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The municipal market supervision bureau adheres to the principle of putting people first and life first, strictly implements the work requirements of the municipal headquarters, strengthens the supervision and inspection of imported cold chain food enterprises, adheres to”zero tolerance” for violations of the”eight nos”, and achieves the goal of finding, suspending business for rectification, and publicly exposing. Recently, a catering business unit has been suspended for rectification in violation of the”eight noes”, which is now publicly exposed.
Feicheng Hongxiang aquatic products store
Existing problems:the imported frozen hairtail (origin:Malaysia) stored in the raw material cold storage did not report 24 hours in advance and did not use the”Shandong cold chain”.
Suspend business for rectification
  Important presentation
In order to implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control, all imported cold chain food production and operation enterprises should strictly implement the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, seriously implement the measures of reporting 24 hours in advance, cooperating with centralized supervision, entering the special warehouse of centralized supervision for detection and disinfection, using”Shandong cold chain”, asking for certificates and tickets, zoning storage, bright code sales, and provincial cold chain food epidemic prevention and control, and strictly prohibit production and operation without legal procedures Imported cold chain food of unknown origin.
Remind the general public that when purchasing imported cold chain food, they should take the initiative to scan the code to query the traceability information of imported cold chain food, so as to ensure safe consumption. Citizens are welcome to report to Feicheng market supervision bureau about illegal and illegal food business users such as unlit code sales and incomplete tickets.