Eurasian Economic Union expands the unified list of quarantine pests
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        Food partner online news   欧亚经济委员会官网7月15日报道:欧亚经济委员会理事会通过决议,决定扩大《欧亚经济联盟检疫性有害生物名录》清单,将西部马铃薯甲虫、西部樱桃实蝇等11种有害生物纳入其中,该类有害生物会对果树、蔬菜产品、鲜花和其它植物造成危害,进而给成员国经济带来巨大的经济损失。

The 11 categories of pests added in the resolution have not been detected in the union at present, but they may be brought in through the import of legally inspected commodities such as seeds, planting materials, fruit and vegetable products, citrus fruits, melons, etc. on this basis, the import plant quarantine requirements of the above products have been updated.
In addition, the Council also adopted a resolution on”importing goods under legal inspection (except seeds, planting materials and potatoes) with a total weight of no more than 5 kg by express mail, including postal parcels, without the need to attach a phytosanitary certificate”.