Efficient customs clearance of diwobao airport in Urumqi to ensure sturgeon caviar export to the Central Asian market
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Recently, after passing the customs inspection of diwobao airport in Urumqi, 200kg sturgeon caviar produced by Jiangsu haitiantantu aquatic products Co., Ltd. was quickly cleared from Urumqi International Airport Port to Kazakhstan. This is the first high-end food exported to the Central Asian market by Xinjiang port in the form of carrying goods in the belly compartment of China Southern Airlines passenger plane this year, with a value of 386600 yuan.
Sturgeon caviar, known as”black gold”, is a high-end food favored by the international catering market. It takes 8 years to produce caviar by breeding sturgeon, and the production cycle is long. According to Wang Weixin, the head of Xinjiang Yunfei International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., an export agent, this batch of goods was supposed to be exported in January, and no suitable plan has been made. In order to ensure the freshness, the transportation time should not exceed 48 hours. Air transportation has become the best choice, and caviar will be exported from the airport port to several countries in Central Asia.
In view of the high requirements for time limit and temperature of goods, Urumqi diwobao Airport Customs has set up a green channel for port inspection of fresh and perishable agricultural and food products for import and export, implemented priority inspection and”5+2″ scheduled inspection, effectively connected with the customs clearance and release of goods, and arranged operators with corresponding qualifications in advance to carry out goods inspection in time according to the scheduled time, reducing the waiting time of enterprises, Comprehensively ensure the rapid customs clearance of fresh agricultural products and food, and effectively save enterprise time and logistics costs.
“After understanding the demands of enterprises, we took the 16 measures to promote the stability and quality improvement of Xinjiang’s foreign trade as the starting point, intervened in advance, responded to the demands of enterprises in a timely manner through the ‘enterprise through train service platform’, targeted to solve the problems of enterprise customs clearance, provided ‘Online + offline’ consulting services for enterprises, guided them to complete the formalities such as the export license of endangered species, and assisted the export of ‘black gold’ caviar to the Central Asian market.” Said Kang Ying, deputy director of Urumqi diwobao airport customs.