Ecuador’s white shrimp pond prices rose, and Ecuador’s producers received visits from customers in North America
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In the 30th week (July 25-31), the price of Ecuador South American white shrimp with shell (HOSO) rose, and the increase of medium and large specifications was in the range of $0.15/kg-$0.75/kg within a week. Quotation phenomenon:the price of 20/30 specification is $5.20/kg, 30/40 rises to $4.90/kg, 40/50 to $4.25/kg, 50/60 to $3.70/kg, 60/70 to $3.20/kg, 70/80 to $2.90/kg, 80/100 to $2.40/kg, 100/120 to $2.00/kg, 120/140 to $1.90/kg.
A farmer in manabi province of Ecuador told Ucn:”prices have improved in recent weeks, and breeding costs have increased for several months. Many farmers are in a state of break even, and some are still losing money.”
Another farmer said,”China’s market is open again, sales in other major markets are good, demand is growing, and I hope the outlook will remain optimistic. However, the global economic situation is still very difficult to predict.”
“In order to fight inflation in the European and American markets, China’s real estate is down and facing a crisis, and prices may fall again in the future.” Another Ecuadorian operator said,”From April to July, the price of white shrimp continued to fall, which reminded all of us how sensitive the market is and how fragile our industry is in the face of crisis. Although the current price is about 20%higher than that in March, don’t celebrate the price rise too hastily. I am still deeply worried about the stability of demand this year. High oil prices, rising interest rates, inflation and other factors constitute a severe market situation, if not Fatal problems, I also hope my worries will not happen.”
According to the statistics of Ecuador aquaculture chamber of Commerce (CNA), Ecuador exported 510867 tons of South American white shrimp in the first six months of this year, and the Chinese market absorbed 269000 tons, an increase of 69%year-on-year.
In addition, the Ecuadorian industry has actively promoted the development of the North American market. In order to further strengthen the influence of the retail industry in the United States and Canada, the Ecuadorian shrimp industry has just received a delegation of North American retailers and catering service companies. It is reported that from July 12 to 13, about 20 North American customers visited the bases of songA, omarsa and Grupo almar’s farms to witness the production process of white shrimp in Ecuador.
Jose camposano, CNA president, said,”during the visit, American and Canadian customers showed their demand and interest in value-added shrimp, decapitated shrimp, shelled shrimp and other products. It is for this reason that many processing plants are further investing to expand their product portfolio in the North American market.”