Durian:the planting area in Sabah, Malaysia is 2053 hectares
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On July 20, Datuk James Ratib, Assistant Minister of agriculture and Fisheries of Malaysia, said that by 2021, the planting area of durian king of Maoshan in Sabah had reached 2053 hectares.
According to the introduction, during the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP, 2021-2025), the Ministry of agriculture and Fisheries of Malaysia, through the Ministry of agriculture of Sabah, will develop a total of 660 hectares of high-quality maoshanwang and black sub variety durian trees in 20 areas, with a total number of 53460 trees. The planting target of nabawan County in Sabah Prefecture is 20 hectares, with a total of 20 operators participating.
The Ministry will promote the development of durian industry through land clearing, providing high-quality seedlings, chemical fertilizers, agricultural equipment and other means, and provide operators with assistance of rm10000-25000 per hectare, equivalent to about RMB 15000-38000 per hectare.
In 2021, the agricultural station has issued 21500 seedlings and 4000 seedlings of the king of Maoshan, and new disease resistant varieties of the king of Maoshan are also being cultivated. In addition to the Ministry of agriculture, four private nurseries have obtained spbt certificates, which can cultivate 125000 maoshanwang and black thorn seedlings every year.
In 2021, 24 durian farms obtained Malaysian gap and organic certification. Top fruits Sdn Bhd and other companies intend to invest in Sabah to establish a frozen durian processing plant. However, as the durian farm in Sabah is still relatively young and does not meet the requirements of export volume, the Ministry of agriculture and Fisheries of Malaysia has not received an application for durian export license.