Durian from Vietnam is exported to China through positive trade channels
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After signing, the protocol will be sent to the General Administration of Customs of China and published on its official website, with a list of durian plantations and packaging plants in Vietnam that meet export conditions.
After the protocol and the list of approved durian plantations and packaging factories in Vietnam are published on the official website of the General Administration of Customs of China, durian in Vietnam will be officially approved for export to China.
According to the protocol, Vietnam’s fresh durian needs to meet some basic requirements of the Chinese side, that is, there are appropriate ways to eliminate pests of concern to the Chinese side; Meet the requirements of food safety and hygiene, and no pesticide residues exceed the standard; Meet the requirements of packaging and packaging information.
China is the largest and potential sales market of fresh durian in Vietnam. Therefore, since 2018, the Ministry of agriculture and rural development has instructed the planting bureau to launch negotiations on the export of durian from Vietnam to China.
According to the planting Bureau, by the end of 2021, the national durian production had reached about 642600 tons, an increase of 15%year-on-year. Vietnam frozen durian has been exported to many countries.
Recently, the General Administration of Customs of China has agreed to import Vietnamese passion fruit in a pilot form from July 1.
Up to now, durian is the 11th fruit allowed to enter China after pitaya, watermelon, lychee, longan, banana, mango, jackfruit, rambutan, mangosteen and passion fruit. (end)