Dunhuang Mogao town market supervision and Administration Institute carried out special rectification of food production enterprises and small processing workshops
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Supervisors focused on checking whether the licenses of food production and processing units are complete and whether the food practitioners hold valid health certificates; Whether the source of food raw and auxiliary materials is legal and whether the quality is qualified; Product purchase and sales records; For the use of food additives, it is strictly forbidden to use food raw materials without manufacturer, production date, shelf life or food label, and it is forbidden to abuse food additives and use non food raw materials in the process of food production; Supervisors made specific requirements for environmental sanitation and fly prevention facilities of small food production and processing workshops. At the same time, we will supervise and guide the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in combination with the recent requirements of market supervision and epidemic prevention and control.
Up to now, a total of 9 food production enterprises and 7 small food processing workshops have been inspected, 32 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched, and 16 regulatory records have been issued, constantly consolidating the foundation of food safety and effectively protecting the safety of the people’s tongue.