Deyang City carried out the supervision of the special action of”keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety” for food safety
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In order to further implement the spirit of the national and provincial special action of”keeping the bottom line, investigating hidden dangers, and ensuring safety” (hereinafter referred to as”special action”) scheduling meeting and the special meeting of Deyang Municipal Government on the assessment of Party and government responsibilities, and further urge all regions to seriously carry out”special action” to effectively prevent food safety risks, Deyang Municipal market supervision bureau established four”special action” steering groups headed by the leaders of the branch bureaus, Supervise the work development of each district (city, county) in different areas.
Each steering group adopted the”four no’s and two straight’s” method, combined with the continuous sampling inspection and rectification of unqualified products, and went deep into 48 key risk units such as food production enterprises, unit canteens, agritainment, chain fast food restaurants, agricultural products markets, and large supermarkets, focusing on the implementation of relevant systems such as the main responsibility of food production and operation units, purchase inspection, cold chain food management, and raw material procurement.
In combination with the hidden dangers found in the inspection and the implementation of the preliminary work of the”special action”, the supervision teams had in-depth discussions and exchanges with the local market supervision departments. The steering group pointed out in Mianzhu that it is necessary to strengthen the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers of centralized dining units such as enterprise canteens, urge the continuous sampling of unqualified units to implement the main responsibility, improve the ability to investigate clues of illegal acts, and effectively strengthen the investigation and handling of cases. The steering group made a request to Shifang City to highlight the key points and continue to work hard. Through sampling inspection and monitoring, complaints and reports and other channels, the steering group implemented a comprehensive and multidimensional investigation, identified the crux, determined the”list of hidden dangers”, and effectively eliminated the hidden dangers in the bud. The steering group affirmed the law enforcement and case handling efforts of Zhongjiang County, and pointed out that we should pay attention to the warning role of cases, be good at finding typical cases, and promote the special action to achieve remarkable results by investigating and handling a high-pressure warning role that can shock and deter the whole area.
In the inspection, the steering group stressed that to do a good job in this special action, first, we should strengthen the overall planning and organization, integrate the special action with daily supervision, and achieve”six clarifications”, that is, the division of labor, responsibilities, progress, accounts, penalties, and results, and avoid”two skins” to increase the burden of grass-roots supervisors. Second, we should adhere to the problem orientation, focus on the”one old and one small” and other key areas, complete the full coverage investigation as required, urge the timely completion of rectification, and draw inferences from one instance to solve common problems in the industry. Third, we should give full play to the role of the party and government in the assessment of the same responsibility, mobilize member units, allude to villages and towns, empower grid members, and leverage social forces such as private economic associations to constantly optimize methods and improve the efficiency of”inspection and protection”.
The steering group found 4 clues of violations of laws and regulations and 25 potential safety hazards during the supervision, and ordered the local market supervision bureau to file a case for investigation or urge rectification within a time limit. All district and county bureaus have rectified the problems found in the supervision, and will continue to deepen and implement the special actions in accordance with the requirements of the steering group, so as to ensure the”whole year” stability of food safety with practical actions.