Destroy 632.4 kg of problematic food! During the special action of”inspection and protection” in Nanjing
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After the”inspection and protection” operation started
Under the guidance of the provincial and municipal bureaus
Based on the main tone of strictness
Further strengthen risk awareness
Innovative supervision methods
Compaction responsibility
Comprehensively promote food safety
Special action of”keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety”

Gulou District:carry out special risk and hidden danger investigation of University canteens
Gulou District is one of the main urban areas and old urban areas of Nanjing. There are many colleges and universities in the area, and most of them are old campuses. In order to further ensure the food safety of University canteens, the Gulou District Market Supervision Bureau conducted a special risk investigation on the canteens of 15 universities in the District, including Nanjing University (Gulou campus), Nanjing Normal University (Suiyuan campus), and Nanjing Medical University.
Carry out special risk and hidden danger investigation
A total of 30 troubleshooting personnel were dispatched to carry out on-site troubleshooting from nine aspects, including personnel management, purchase acceptance, storage management, additive management, processing and production, cleaning and disinfection, account records, process layout, facilities and equipment, to comprehensively troubleshoot potential risks. There are 64 problems in total, including 41 on-site rectification. The remaining problems will continue to urge colleges and universities to rectify in place.
Establish a rapid response mechanism
After finding the problems on site, the investigators took photos and kept them. After the business department studied and determined, it was distributed to the local Branch Bureau for tracking and supervision. The law enforcement personnel of the Branch Bureau went to the site to guide the school to eliminate potential risks at the first time. After the investigation, an evaluation report is formed and submitted to the University for rectification and improvement. If the problem is serious, interview the relevant person in charge of the University.
Using the”catering cloud” platform to improve college canteens
Conduct daily online supervision
The person in charge of the canteen is required to accurately upload the information of daily morning inspection, asking for certificates and tickets, complete the food safety training of employees through the”catering cloud” platform on time, and complete the self-examination and supervision sampling examination at the same time, so as to effectively improve the management level of University canteens.
 Pukou District:carry out various forms of”inspection and protection” publicity
Pukou District has carried out the publicity of the special action of”keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety” in various forms around the three aspects of the implementation of main responsibilities, the improvement of regulatory forces, and social co governance and sharing.
Innovate the way of food safety publicity
Focus on the important positions of food safety publicity such as farmers’ markets and supermarkets, refine the categories of food sold by stalls, and compile 28 special publicity slogans in the form of doggerel, coupled with fresh and interesting design and grounding language, so as to efficiently output food safety knowledge and create a deep-rooted atmosphere of food safety co governance.
Organize and carry out”food safety and fault finding competition”
Food safety supervision skills competition
Through the form of”written examination + actual combat”, further improve the ability of food safety hazard investigation of food safety assistants. A total of more than 150 food safety informants and grid members participated in the district level finals and the preliminary rounds of each street. A total of more than 180 catering units and more than 220 sales units were inspected in the actual combat link.
Carry out mass oriented”inspection and protection” work
Organically combine the”collection of food safety issues of concern to the masses” with the”inspection and protection” special action to deepen the masses’ understanding of the”inspection and protection” special action. At the same time, we will focus on the areas of food safety concerned by the masses and further carry out targeted investigation and rectification.
  Jiangbei new area:strengthening the screening system before rapid inspection

Comprehensively promote the rapid inspection work, improve quality and efficiency
Strengthen the screen system before quick inspection
Covering the whole category of food in the farmers’ market
Build the regional rapid inspection center of Taishan street, equipped with qPCR instrument, Raman spectrometer and other advanced instruments; Coordinate the functional positioning of 2 regional quick inspection centers, 27 quick inspection rooms in farmers’ markets and 1 quick inspection vehicle, optimize resource allocation and improve system construction; We will innovatively carry out the verification of rapid detection kits, expand the coverage of high-risk food testing, and implement the linkage of rapid detection and legal detection.
Expand quick inspection supporting services
Create a multi-functional rapid inspection platform
Five professional testing institutions are strictly selected, and services such as publicity and training, risk exchange, quarterly assessment, evaluation of business conditions in and around the market are effectively integrated with the rapid inspection work, so as to promote the transformation of the rapid inspection room from a single inspection to a comprehensive service platform integrating assessment, management, monitoring, publicity and other functions.
Innovative assessment methods
Strengthen the construction of operation and maintenance system
Print and distribute the assessment plan for quick inspection, operation and maintenance, publish the assessment rules, organize symposiums every quarter, exchange advanced measures, and solve problems and contradictions. Innovative use of blind sample delivery, online question answering, inspection and assessment and other ways to complete the operation and maintenance assessment of 27 rapid inspection rooms in the first half of the year, implement the linkage between assessment and cost settlement, and strengthen the management of inspection institutions.
Since this year, Jiangbei new area has organized a total of 10 special quick inspections of duck blood, McDonald’s, pickles, vermicelli, food materials of food supply units in isolation points, and food materials distributed in the control area of the sealing and control area. A total of 1015 batches have been tested, and 2 batches of positive ones have been detected. All problem foods have been harmlessly treated. In addition, 122507 batches of fast inspection were completed in the farmers’ market, and 376 batches of problematic food were found, and 632.4 kg were removed from the shelves in time.
Drafted by:Sun Lu, Lu Lianjie, Jiang Rui