Deep cooperation between schools and enterprises to promote the high-quality development of sea cucumber industry
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On the morning of July 2, Wang Qingyin, chairman of China Fisheries Association, former director of the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, President of Yantai Anyuan sea cucumber industry research institute, Zou ange, chairman of the sea cucumber industry branch of China Fisheries Association and chairman of Shandong Anyuan Seed Technology Co., Ltd., and Wang yingeng, vice chairman of echinoderm branch of China Ocean and Limnology Association and researcher of the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, came to Dalian Ocean University to exchange cooperation between the two sides. Professor Yaojie, Secretary of the Party committee of Dalian Ocean University, Professor songlinsheng, President, Professor changyaqing, Dean of graduate school, Professor Ding Jun, Dean of College of Fisheries and life, and other experts warmly received Wang Qingyin and Zou ange.
Chairman Wang Qingyin introduced the development of Shandong Anyuan Seed Industry Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Anyuan seed industry) in the sea cucumber industry and the objectives and operation mode of Yantai Anyuan sea cucumber industry research institute. He suggested that Dalian Ocean University and Anyuan seed industry jointly initiate the establishment of a joint laboratory of sea cucumber industry (tentative name) to serve the industry and society. The main functions of the joint laboratory include cultivating professionals for the sea cucumber industry, Anyuan seed industry as the teaching and experimental base of Dalian Ocean University, relying on Anyuan seed industry to carry out scientific research projects, and transporting excellent talents for Anyuan seed industry.
President Zou ange said that the development of Anyuan seed industry today cannot be separated from the support of leaders and experts of Dalian Ocean University, especially Professor Chang Yaqing’s team for more than a decade. The”Anyuan No. 1″ national Apostichopus japonicus new variety, which was created with the participation of Professor Chang Yaqing’s team, has been widely recognized by farmers in the main production areas of sea cucumbers such as Liaoning, Shandong, Hebei, Fujian, etc., and its market share has increased year by year, realizing high quality and good price. There are still many deep-seated technical problems to be solved in the sea cucumber industry. Anyuan seed industry is willing to continue in-depth cooperation with Dalian Ocean University to work together for the high-quality and sustainable development of the sea cucumber industry.
Secretary Yao Jie extended a warm welcome to President Wang Qingyin and President Zou ange. Anyuan seed industry is a leading enterprise in the field of sea cucumber in China. Dalian Ocean University is very willing to have in-depth exchanges and cooperation with it. The establishment of a joint laboratory is a good opportunity to promote the reform and development of the school of industry of Dalian Ocean University, and the University fully supports it.
President Song Linsheng said that talent training is the focus of the school, and scientific and technological innovation and serving the society are the mission of the school. Shandong and Liaoning are closely linked and highly complementary. How to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of indigenous varieties such as Liaoshen in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea is the common responsibility of schools and enterprises. The two sides can cooperate in an all-round and full industrial chain around Apostichopus japonicus. In addition to talent training, they can also strengthen cooperation in germplasm improvement, germplasm resource protection and utilization, feed and disease research, deep processing and other aspects, conduct in-depth research, produce more results and serve the industry.