Cyprus reached an agreement on the transition period of Harumi cheese production standards
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With regard to the agreement, the minister said that in the initial stage, the raw material for cheese production is Zhongshan goat milk or sheep milk, which accounts for at least 10%, and the product name can be labeled as Harumi cheese; Since January 2023, with the increase in production of sheep farmers, this standard will be raised to 20%as soon as possible. Thereafter, the proportion of sheep milk will increase by 5%year by year; Until the PDO standard is met in 2029, the proportion of goat milk in raw materials will reach 50%, and the rest can be supplemented with milk.
The minister said that in April 2021, the EU approved the granting of the status of PDO to Harumi cheese. Although Serbia has the ability to achieve the goal of fully meeting the PDO standard in 2024, due to the current extensive discussions within the EU, manufacturers can be given a transition period of up to ten years in exceptional circumstances until the PDO standard is fully met. Therefore, Serbia is confident that the EU can give full consideration to Serbia’s special circumstances and grant an extension. At the same time, the spokesman of the European Commission confirmed on the same day that Serbia plans to propose a modification request on the Harumi PDO standard. The European Commission is communicating with Serbia on this and will handle it according to the established procedures. The spokesman made it clear that it is possible to propose amendments to geographical indication products.