Create an ecological garden of rice and shrimp, enable rural industries to revitalize — the Fifth China (International) crawfish industry conference was successfully held in 2022
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The Fifth China (International) crayfish Industry Conference 2022 kicked off in the culture and Art Center of Yongxiu County, Jiangxi Province in the hot July with the sound of frogs and the smell of rice and shrimp floating in the five lakes. Representatives from 23 provinces and cities in charge of fisheries, experts and scholars from promotion systems, scientific research institutions, representatives of relevant associations, representatives of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries of the national crayfish industry, and media representatives attended the conference.
With the theme of”building a rice and shrimp ecological garden, enabling rural industry revitalization”, under the guidance of the fisheries and fishery administration of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, the National Aquatic Technology Promotion Station, the Chinese Fisheries Society, the national shrimp and crab industry technology system, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of agriculture and rural affairs, and the Jiujiang Municipal People’s Government of Jiangxi Province, the conference was organized by the China Fisheries circulation and Processing Association, the Jiangxi Provincial Fisheries and fishery administration Organized by Jiujiang agricultural and rural Bureau and Yongxiu County People’s government, it is specifically undertaken by the crayfish Industry Branch of China aquatic products circulation and Processing Association, Jiangxi paddy field comprehensive planting and breeding industry technology system, the Publicity Department of the CPC Yongxiu County Committee, Yongxiu agricultural and rural Bureau, Yongxiu culture, broadcasting, new tourism bureau, Yongxiu Commerce Bureau, and Jiangxi XiaGu Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.
Qin Ling, Secretary of the Yongxiu county Party committee, delivered a welcome speech and introduced the current situation of the crawfish industry in Yongxiu county to the audience attending the meeting and watching the live broadcast of Xinhuanet. He introduced that Yongxiu county has a good ecological environment suitable for crayfish growth, and has a good foundation for building”Yongxiu ecological crayfish”. Led by the rice shrimp industry, the county promotes the deep integration of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and strives to build a 10 billion level crawfish characteristic industrial cluster. Promote the ecological cycle co cultivation mode of”rice and shrimp continuous cropping” to achieve a win-win situation in fish and grain; Continue to open up a new way of”combination of agriculture and tourism”; Build an industrial base of”China rice and shrimp village”, build the largest crayfish trading market in northern Jiangxi, and form a rice and shrimp industry chain integrating breeding, sales, processing and catering. At present, the county has two rice and shrimp breeding bases of more than 10000 mu, and more than 10 rice and shrimp breeding bases of more than 1000 mu, with a total area of more than 120000 mu; The annual output of crayfish in the county exceeded 20000 tons, and the primary output value reached more than 600million yuan.
Lishumin, a first-class inspector of the fisheries and fisheries administration of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, reviewed the gratifying achievements of the crayfish industry in his speech. In 2021, the total output value of China’s crayfish industry was 422.195 billion yuan, an increase of 22.43%year-on-year. Among them, the output value of crayfish breeding industry is 82.344 billion yuan; The output value of the secondary industry dominated by processing industry is 36.851 billion yuan; The output value of the tertiary industry, mainly catering, is 303 billion yuan. The crayfish industry has played an important role in ensuring the stable supply of vegetable basket products and promoting fishery efficiency and increasing the income of fishermen. At the same time, Li Shumin pointed out that while the crayfish industry is developing rapidly, the industry is also facing problems such as the urgent need to innovate the planting and breeding mode, the relatively backward development of the seed industry, the prominent problems of the processing industry, and the imperfect whole industry chain system in some regions. He hoped that the experts, scholars and colleagues in the industry attending the meeting would adhere to the problem orientation and goal orientation, discuss the overall plan of industrial development, and walk out of a whole industry chain integration The road to prosperity of crayfish industry with high quality and green development.
In his speech, the Secretary of the Party group of the Department of agriculture and rural affairs of Jiangxi Province and the Secretary of the Department of Changjiang Zhiying introduced the current situation of the crayfish industry in Jiangxi Province. Up to now, the breeding area of crayfish in Jiangxi Province is 2.49 million mu, the breeding output is 250000 tons, the primary output value is 9 billion, and the comprehensive output value is 30 billion. The industrial development ranks first in the country. The technological model is constantly maturing, adhering to the basic principle of”not competing with people for food, not competing with food for land”; The industrial chain continues to extend. The province has 200 large-scale crayfish breeding bases, 20 processing enterprises of various kinds of crayfish, with an annual processing capacity of 100000 tons, and more than 20 comprehensive trading platforms have been built in advantageous production areas. In 2021, the annual new output value of the whole industrial chain of crayfish will reach more than 2billion yuan; The brand effect is constantly prominent. There are more than 210 Poyang Lake brand crayfish stores in the province, marketing more than 30000 tons of crayfish and its products every year.
Jiang wending, deputy secretary of the CPC Jiujiang Municipal Committee, said in his speech that Jiujiang was the first city along the river to open to the outside world and the only port city in Jiangxi province that connects the river and the sea. Jiujiang has a water area of 5million mu. The 152 km long river coastline and 2/3 of the water area of Poyang Lake in the province are all in Jiujiang. The breeding area of the whole city is 1.5 million mu, and there are 9 lakes above 10000 mu. Fishery resources are very rich. In terms of fishery development, Jiujiang focuses on the goal of”building a strong modern fishery city and building a famous city of shrimp and crab industry”. Taking the expansion and strengthening of the”Poyang Lake shrimp and crab” industry as the cut-off point, Jiujiang vigorously promotes new technologies and new models, develops new business entities, supports the expansion of leading enterprises, and forms advantageous industrial belts and industrial clusters such as Poyang Lake shrimp and crab, Pengze crucian carp, etc. along the river and around the lake. This year, the lobster breeding area in the city reached 500000 mu, including 21 breeding bases above 1000 mu. The annual output is expected to be 90000 tons, with an output value of more than 2.7 billion yuan, accounting for 24.5%of the total output value of fisheries.
Han Gang, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, said in his speech that the rapid development of the crayfish industry cannot be separated from the strong support of industrial technology. In view of the bottleneck problem in the development of crayfish industry, many fishing related scientific research institutions, universities, enterprises and so on have carried out scientific and technological research. The Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences has also carried out systematic research on the innovation of crayfish breeding mode, variety breeding, disease prevention and control, quality and safety control, and has made a series of scientific research progress and obtained a number of achievements in crayfish strain construction and variety breeding, rice and shrimp comprehensive breeding mode, feed nutrition and quality control, quality identification and grading, processing, storage and preservation.
Yu Xiujuan, deputy head of the China Fisheries Society at the National Aquatic Technology Promotion Station, said in her speech that the China Fisheries Society at the National Aquatic Technology Promotion Station, as a national technical support and service organization, has long paid attention to giving full play to the advantages of the promotion system and the society system, and actively promoted the rapid and healthy development of the rice and fishery comprehensive planting and breeding industry, including the crayfish industry, in the integration of rice and shrimp planting and breeding technology A lot of work has been carried out in the aspects of experiment, demonstration, popularization and application, the construction of technical standard system for comprehensive planting and breeding of rice and fishery, and the development, exchange, publicity and promotion of crayfish industry.
At the opening ceremony, 12 specially invited guests attended the launching ceremony of the Fifth China (International) crawfish Industry Conference 2022, and Cui he, President of China aquatic products circulation and Processing Association, announced the official opening of the conference.
The report on the development of crayfish industry in China (2022) was jointly prepared by the National Aquatic Technology Promotion Station, the Chinese Fisheries Society and the China Fisheries circulation and Processing Association. The report comprehensively combs the upstream and downstream industries and policy support of crayfish breeding production, processing and circulation, consumption and trade, brand and festival activities, feed and seasoning production in China in 2021, analyzes the main problems restricting the current industrial development, and puts forward development suggestions such as innovating the breeding mode, consolidating the foundation of the seed industry, supplementing the shortcomings of the processing industry, and promoting the development of clusters and the whole industrial chain. At the conference, Yu Xiujuan, deputy head of the National Aquatic Technology Promotion Station, the Chinese Fisheries Society, Wang Xueguang, Executive Secretary General of the Chinese fisheries circulation and Processing Association, and Han Gang, deputy president of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, respectively released the comprehensive, processing and circulation, and brand Festival chapters of the China crawfish industry development report (2022).
In order to improve the employment ability of fishermen returning from fishing, carry out practical technical training on aquaculture and aquatic product processing, give full play to the ecological advantages of Poyang Lake and the agricultural characteristics of Yongxiu County, promote the”rice shrimp” rotation ecological breeding mode, and achieve agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income increase, the national crayfish breeding technology (Jiangxi Yongxiu) training meeting was held at this conference, and experts from the national technology promotion station were invited Specially hired experts from the crayfish Industry Branch of the China aquatic products circulation and processing association helped many crayfish farmers inside and outside the province popularize science and technology, answer questions and solve problems in various aspects of crayfish breeding.
At the same time, the conference arranged the 2022 China crayfish Development Summit Forum, the 2022 China crayfish industry and Yongxiu agricultural and sideline products exhibition, the first Jiangxi Yongxiu Poyang Lake Lobster Festival cooking competition, Yongxiu ecological crayfish tasting and other wonderful links.
The successful convening of this conference, in order to fully implement the Rural Revitalization Strategy, vigorously publicize the”Yongxiu brand”, sing the”Pohu treasures”, blaze a new path of characteristic agricultural industry with broad radiation, strong drive and replicable integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and contribute new strength to the national development of Yongxiu high-quality agricultural products. At the same time, the convening of this conference conforms to the needs of the development situation of the crayfish industry, is an effective measure to practice the integrated development of the whole industrial chain, and builds an efficient dialogue and exchange platform for industrial development, which is of positive significance to promote the development of the crayfish industry.