Consumption warning for purchasing temporary food
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Temporary food usually refers to prepackaged food that is about to reach the shelf life and does not exceed the shelf life. In recent years, because of its low price discount under the same food quality, temporary food has been favored by more and more consumers, especially young consumer groups. Many supermarkets have set up temporary food counters, and there are also many online stores specializing in temporary goods. The consumption disputes caused by the purchase of temporary food are increasing day by day. In order to help consumers buy temporary food rationally, here, Tongling Consumer Protection Commission jointly issued temporary food consumption warnings with Anqing, Ma’anshan, Wuhu, Xuancheng, Chizhou and Huangshan consumer protection commissions, on some issues that need to be paid attention to when purchasing temporary food, Give tips to consumers.

Choose regular purchase channels
When purchasing temporary food, consumers should try to choose regular shopping malls or supermarkets instead of shops without business licenses and permits or temporary roadside stalls. When purchasing temporary food online, they should also choose regular e-commerce platforms, and choose platforms with good reputation, high reputation and large sales volume to settle in shops.

Pay attention to the integrity of food packaging
The temporary food has been stored for a long time, and the handling times are relatively large. When buying, consumers should pay attention to three checks:first, check whether the food package is complete, and ensure that there is no damage, bag inflation, air leakage and other phenomena. Second, check the production date and shelf life of the food to ensure that the food is still within the shelf life. Third, check the storage environment of food. If there is something that should be refrigerated but not refrigerated, do not buy it if it is not stored as required.


Buy rationally and appropriately
Temporary food attracts the attention of consumers with its ultra-low discount. The closer the shelf life is, the lower the discount is. Especially when consumers encounter the desired temporary food, they inevitably feel that it is not easy to encounter it once, and they have to buy more to be cost-effective. Here, the seven municipal consumer protection commission reminds consumers that they need to be scientific and rational in purchasing temporary food, determine the purchase quantity according to their daily needs, and eat it within the shelf life, so as to avoid deterioration beyond the shelf life and food waste.

Be sure to keep shopping vouchers
Due to its specific properties, the possibility of spoilage of temporary food is relatively large. Therefore, consumers should ask for and keep the shopping voucher after purchasing the temporary food. If they find that the temporary food has quality problems within the warranty period, they should protect their rights in time with the shopping voucher.