Consumption tips of Qinhuangdao market supervision and Administration Bureau on edible seafood
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At the season when seafood is on the market in large quantities, Qinhuangdao Municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau reminds consumers to spend rationally when buying seafood, beware of food safety risks, enhance food safety awareness, improve dietary hygiene habits, and reduce the risk of foodborne diseases. In order to ensure the food safety of the public and prevent gastrointestinal discomfort such as vomiting and diarrhea caused by improper diet, consumers are reminded to pay attention to the following matters when eating seafood:
I. strictly control food safety and quality
The operators of catering service units need to implement the incoming inspection system for the purchased raw materials, verify the business qualifications of suppliers, ask for relevant tickets and keep them properly. Finished products, semi-finished products and raw and cooked food must be stored separately in the processing area. Utensils and tableware used for food production must be strictly cleaned and disinfected to prevent cross contamination. At the same time, remind consumers to be cautious in choosing restaurants. When dining out or ordering meals online, you should first choose a catering unit with complete licenses, and then choose a catering unit with”bright kitchen and bright stove”.
 II. Scientific purchase of seafood products
Consumers should buy through regular supermarkets, farmers’ markets or seafood franchised stores. Seafood itself has a high amount of bacteria, and its protein decomposes quickly. Once it decays and deteriorates, it will multiply bacteria and produce toxins in large numbers, which is easy to cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms after eating. Therefore, when buying seafood products, we should choose fresh products as much as possible. We can judge whether the products are fresh by observing whether the color of the products is normal and pressing the products to see whether they are elastic.
III. avoid eating seafood products raw or half raw
When consumers go out to eat, they should give priority to restaurants with complete licenses and good environmental sanitation. When eating, they should pay attention to the freshness of the food. Once they find that the food has peculiar smell or other abnormal sensory properties, they should stop eating it immediately and report it to the operator in time. The internal organs, respiratory organs, excretory organs, etc. of seafood are easy to accumulate microorganisms, so it is necessary to clean them when eating. There are high food safety risks without thermal processing. Be sure to cook thoroughly. Don’t eat overnight seafood.
Source:food safety coordination and guarantee department