Comparison and interpretation of national food safety standards for processed cheese and cheese products, 2022 edition and 2010 Edition
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   2022年7月28日,国家卫健委、国家市场监督管理总局正式发布《食品安全国家标准 再制干酪和干酪制品》(GB 25192-2022)(以下简称“2022版标准”)。食品伙伴网现将2022版与现行有效《食品安全国家标准 再制干酪》(GB 25192-2010)的主要变化进行梳理分析。

 Modify standard name
The name of the standard is adjusted from”national food safety standard processed cheese” to”national food safety standard processed cheese and cheese products”.
 Expand the scope of standards
The revised standard refines the classification of processed cheese products, and divides processed cheese products into processed cheese and cheese products according to the proportion of raw cheese. Therefore, the standard added the definition of”cheese products” and adjusted the scope to”this standard is applicable to processed cheese and cheese products.”
 Modify the terms and definitions of processed cheese
3.1 adjust the proportion of cheese used
Adjust the proportion of cheese as the main raw material of processed cheese to > 50%, add the definition of”cheese products”, and the proportion of cheese is 15%- 50%.
3.2 delete the description of”emulsified salt”
There is no clear definition and standard for emulsified salt at home and abroad, and the standard is revised to delete the provisions on”emulsified salt” in the original definition.
3.3 adjust the expression of relevant raw materials and processes
At present, there are already powdered processed cheese products on the market. In order to meet the needs of industry development, the expression of raw and auxiliary materials and processes in the original definition is changed to”products made by heating, stirring, emulsifying (drying) and other processes with or without adding other raw materials, food additives and nutritional fortifiers.”
 Modify the expression of sensory requirements
Due to the wide variety of processed cheese and cheese products, their color, taste, smell and organizational state are different, which cannot be described uniformly. Therefore, it is more reasonable to change the sensory requirements to have the normal color, taste and smell of this kind of products, and the organizational state of this kind of products.
The state requirements for powdered products are added.

Delete physical and chemical index requirements
Since the fat content index does not match the claim of fat in GB 28050 national standard for food safety – General principles for nutrition labeling of prepackaged food, and the content of fat and minimum dry matter in the CAC standard referred to in the original standard is not one-to-one correspondence, and is not a mandatory index, but the original standard is one-to-one correspondence, this provision deviates from the current situation of the industry and limits product innovation and industry development, therefore, Physical and chemical index requirements are deleted.
  Modify microbial index requirements
6.1 the limit requirement of yeast is deleted
At present, China’s latest revised GB 12693 national food safety standard good manufacturing practice for dairy products has strict control over mold, yeast and the total number of colonies in the production process of processed cheese, which can ensure product safety. Therefore, the limit requirement for yeast has been deleted from the 2022 standard.
6.2 the requirements for the total number of colonies are relaxed
The limit of total bacterial count was relaxed, and the m value was changed from 100 to 1000, and the m value was changed from 1000 to 10000.
A description of the microbial limit index”not applicable to products added with active bacteria (aerobic and facultative anaerobic)” was added.
6.3 the limit of pathogenic bacteria is no longer formulated separately
The limit of pathogenic bacteria is no longer formulated separately in the standard, but implemented in accordance with GB 29921, and the limit is unchanged.
  New product label identification requirements
In order to facilitate consumers’ cognition and purchase of processed cheese and cheese products, the requirements for product label identification have been added in the 2022 standard, including the identification of”cheese use proportion”, the identification of”processed cheese” or”cheese products”, and the identification of transportation and storage temperature.
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