China’s illegal veterinary drugs were notified by Russia
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        Food partner online news   俄罗斯联邦兽医和植物卫生监督局7月14日消息:该局通报中国兽药FLUVAROL未经注册在俄罗斯市场违规流通,该兽药用于治疗和预防蜜蜂黄曲霉病。

The official website said that the national beekeepers and honey products Processors Association provided the above information about the illegal circulation of veterinary drugs:the products have not been officially registered in Russia, and their quality and safety have not been confirmed. Fluvarol can cause harm to bees and can be detected in honey and other bee products.
The Russian Veterinary Bureau called on all parties to provide the bureau with information about Chinese veterinary drugs (for bees) that have not been registered by the state in a timely manner.