China Tea Association actively contributes to the protection of geographical indication products
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On July 14, the State Intellectual Property Office organized a technical review meeting of geographical indications in Beijing, and the China Tea Association sent personnel to participate in the technical review.
Geographical indication products refer to those products that are produced in a specific region and have specific quality, reputation or other characteristics, which are mainly determined by the natural or human factors of the region. For example, West Lake Longjing, Anxi Tieguanyin, Pu’er tea, Lu’an melon slices, Wuzhou Liubao tea, etc. At present, more than 130 tea products in China have been protected by geographical indication products. The implementation of geographical indication product protection system is conducive to protecting geographical indication products, improving product market competitiveness and popularity, and promoting the development of enterprise brands.
Over the years,China Tea Circulation AssociationIn terms of geographical indication product protection and brand work, it has always actively maintained close contact and cooperation with the State Intellectual Property Office and other intellectual property authorities. In September, 2021, the two sides jointly carried out the trademark publicity activities of the tea industry, watched more than 280000 people online, and received extensive praise from tea enterprises and relevant staff. In the future, we will continue to promote relevant work, promote the protection of tea geographical indication products, and help the high-quality development of Chinese tea brands.