Chile plans to use hyperspectral images to predict cherimony production
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Chile adn radio reported on July 26 that the project was led by uoh and supported by the Chilean Center for advanced research in fruit planting (ceaf). Michelle Morales, an agricultural investigator of ceaf, said:”this project is related to predicting the yield of cherries with the help of hyperspectral images obtained in the field. This will allow farmers to predict the fruit yield through technical means and make other decisions based on the information obtained.”
In addition, Morales said,”this technology does not need to be connected to the Internet, so that we can predict the yield of field crops in remote areas, so as to ensure that producers can make the best decisions. We hope that every grower can obtain this technology.”
Leo DIAS, director of the Industrial Development Bureau of the oshkins regional governmentNor D í AZ) said,”this project allows us to integrate innovation, development and technology into the production activities of cherizi promoted by the regional government.”
Paula irles, deputy director of uoh graduate learning and liaison department, said:”we are happy to promote this regional interdisciplinary research, which allows us to help solve the yield prediction problem concerned by cherizi growers.”