Chile plans to formulate veterinary health requirements for imported horse meat and kangaroo meat
By: Date: 2022-07-19 Categories: Uncategorized
On July 15, 2022, the Ministry of agriculture (SAG) of Chile issued two draft resolutions on veterinary health requirements for the import of frozen or fresh horse meat and kangaroo meat. The main contents of the draft include:(1) national access requirements, that is, the countries of origin of the two categories of products should be specific countries that have passed the sag assessment; (2) Enterprise registration requirements, that is, the production enterprises of category 2 products should be approved by the competent authorities of the country of origin and subject to supervision. At the same time, horse meat production enterprises should also obtain the official registration of sag, while kangaroo meat enterprises do not need it; (3) The origin of animals of meat origin (only born and raised in the exporting country) and quarantine and health requirements (no infectious diseases after pre-mortem and post-mortem inspection); (4) Requirements for raw and auxiliary materials, that is, no preservatives or other chemicals shall be added; (5) Temperature requirements during transportation:refrigerated meat should be transported under the condition of 0-4 degrees, and the transportation temperature of frozen meat should not be higher than -18 degrees; (6) Packaging, means of transport and labeling requirements; (7) Veterinary health certificate requirements. The feedback period for the above two drafts ends on September 15, 2022.