Chile formulates quarantine requirements for imported peanuts
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On July 12, 2022, the Ministry of agriculture of Chile issued resolution 3541 to formulate quarantine requirements for imported peanuts. The main contents are:(1) scope. Including shelled and shelled peanut nuts from all countries; (2) Requirements for import peanut certificate. The goods must be accompanied by the official phytosanitary certificate of the country of origin, including the following additional statement:the goods have been processed to control trogordermagranarium, corcyracephalonica, peanut weevil (caryedonserratus), chickpea (callosobruchusanalis), gray bean weevil (callosobruchustobromae); The product, dose, time, temperature and date of treatment must be specified in part III of the phytosanitary certificate. Or declare that the above pests do not exist in the country of origin; (3) Regulations on drugs, minimum concentration, temperature and time used in peanut fumigation treatment; (4) Requirements for protection and treatment of goods after fumigation. Containers, pallets, etc. shall be sealed and stored; The seal of the authorized institution is intact, free of soil, labeled, and free of plant debris; Expanded polystyrene containers or plastic bags are not allowed for packaging materials; The wood of the pallet complies with the entry quarantine regulations; (5) Regulations on entry inspection. Each batch of goods will be inspected at the port of entry, and physical and document verification will be carried out in accordance with the formulated plant quarantine requirements; (6) Abolish the import requirements of peanut nuts in resolutions 8308 in 2020 and 4143 in 2018. The resolution will enter into force 30 days after its publication in the official gazette.