Chifeng Yuanbaoshan District Market Supervision Bureau carried out special inspection on food safety in entertainment places
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Law enforcement officers focused on the following aspects:first, check whether the licenses in the store are complete, whether the business qualifications are legal, and whether they operate beyond the scope; Whether the employees have valid health certificates and whether the tableware is cleaned and disinfected as required. Second, check whether the imported alcohol food has legal source certificate and Chinese label, and whether the expired alcohol and other food are removed from the shelves in time; Whether the food procurement and storage meet the requirements, whether the expired liquor and prepackaged food, food and alcohol are sold, and whether the ticket and certificate claim and purchase inspection system are implemented; Whether there is any illegal act of operating fake and inferior food. Third, check whether the operators have explicitly or implicitly set the minimum consumption threshold by means of notices, statements, store notices, etc; Induce illegal behaviors such as consumption in the name of handling membership and discount cards. Fourth, check the implementation of epidemic prevention and control in entertainment venues, and require operators to strictly implement various epidemic prevention measures, so as to achieve normalized prevention and control, scientific prevention and control, etc.
At the same time, the law enforcement officers also actively publicized the laws and regulations related to food safety and food safety knowledge to the operators, requiring the operators not to sell alcohol to minors and to operate in good faith and law-abiding. Next, Yuanbaoshan District Market Supervision Bureau will continue to strengthen the supervision of entertainment venues, effectively prevent the occurrence of food safety incidents in entertainment venues, and eliminate potential food safety hazards.