Chifeng Market Supervision Bureau carried out the special inspection of”looking back” on food safety around the campus
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First, strictly implement the”four strictest” requirements. The illegal behaviors that still have problems and have not been corrected in the special rectification actions will be dealt with strictly and severely; Strengthen the punishment for the illegal acts of operating unqualified food and expired spoiled food; Severely crack down on the production and operation of”three noes” and food with label defects on the campus and within 200 meters around the campus. In view of the problems found in this special rectification, the case shall be resolutely filed and severely punished according to law. Those who meet the conditions for transfer to the public security organ shall be transferred to the public security organ in time according to the relevant requirements.
Second, fully implement the main responsibility of food safety. Continue to urge schools and food business entities to actively implement the management and principal responsibility system, effectively strengthen the food safety management in and around the campus, strengthen the fulfillment of the obligation of purchase inspection, resolutely refuse to purchase and sell food without legal sources, and timely clean up the packaging damage, corruption, deterioration, expired food and other relevant requirements; Focus on the inspection of the food business license of the business unit with level D risk level, the physical examination of employees, food procurement, food storage, food processing and production, tableware washing and cleaning, food sample retention, storage and use of food additives, etc.
Third, strengthen the long-term supervision mechanism strictly and carefully. Carry out full coverage inspection on the food operators in and around the school, and list the small restaurants, barbecue food, fried food and”three noes” low-cost food around the campus as the key inspection objects. Set up food safety liaison officers, implement the responsibility package system, improve the school food safety joint prevention and linkage supervision mechanism, and gradually establish a school food safety department linkage supervision and cooperation mechanism of supervision and interaction, information exchange and mutual promotion. At the same time, inspectors conducted on-site guidance on the disinfection and sterilization and temperature measurement behaviors of business households by means of touch inspection, and reminded business households to control the number of students entering the store during the peak period of school and school, so as to maintain the sales order in an orderly manner. And gradually establish and improve the long-term management mechanism around the school to ensure that the rectification achievements can be consolidated.