Chi Yuju:analysis of the current situation of campus food safety and interpretation of relevant policies and Implementation Suggestions
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From July 22 to 23, the 2022 China food and education development forum with the theme of”pooling industry resources and exploring the implementation of food and education” was successfully held in Jinan.
The forum was guided by Shandong Food Science and Technology Association and the International Association for the promotion of food and education exchange. It was jointly hosted by food education network, Shandong Normal University and Shandong group meal industry association, and co organized by Shandong women’s and children’s activity center, Beijing food society, Jiangxi food Education Society, Nanjing Xiaozhuang College, Jiuyang public welfare foundation and the science popularization and Education Committee of Shandong Food Science and Technology Association.
At the food education forum, Dr. Chi Yuju, a first-class researcher of Shandong market supervision and Administration Bureau, shared the report with the theme of”analysis of the current situation of campus food safety and interpretation of relevant policies and suggestions for implementation”.
Dr. Chi Yuju analyzed the current situation of campus food safety in China from several representative food safety incidents. It focuses on the interpretation of the obligations and responsibilities of schools, education departments and catering units to ensure food safety in the food safety law, the regulations on the implementation of the food safety law, the anti food waste law of the people’s Republic of China and relevant national standards and regulations, and clarifies the main responsibility for food safety in school canteens, as well as the areas that need to be paid attention to in the process of implementing food safety.
As for how to build a strong defense line for campus food safety, Dr. Chi Yuju believes that we should continue to carry out campus food safety guard actions mainly from the following aspects:
Strictly implement the”school food safety and nutritional health management regulations”. Implement the school food safety principal (principal) responsibility system, carry out the school canteen improvement project, and implement the system of weekly self inspection;
Strict supervision and management. Implement full coverage supervision and inspection on school canteens, student group meal distribution units, catering stores around the campus and food sales units;
Strengthen social supervision. Comprehensively implement the”bright kitchen and bright stove”, establish a meal accompanying system for relevant school principals, and encourage parents to participate in supervision;
Strictly implement the nutrition improvement plan for rural compulsory education students to ensure the quality of students’ nutritious meals.