Chengdu 2022 No. 8 notification of sampling inspection results of food safety supervision
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According to the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China and the arrangement of Chengdu food safety supervision and sampling inspection plan, the results of 11 food safety supervision and sampling inspection of processed food, catering food, bean products, edible oil, oil and its products, vegetable products, tea and related products, alcohol and other 11 categories of food are published in this period. The specific contents are reported as follows.
  1、 Supervision and sampling results
Due to the difference of sampling and inspection cycles, there is no corresponding relationship between natural qualified samples and unqualified samples in time sequence. Therefore, 952 batches of qualified samples and 82 batches of unqualified samples inspected at different time nodes are published in this period, mainly reflecting the inspection results of each independent sample.
  2、 Disposal of unqualified food
For the unqualified products found in the above sampling inspection, the market supervision and Administration Department of the place where the production and operation sites are located in our city has ordered the enterprises to take relevant measures such as taking off the shelves and recalling in time in accordance with the provisions of the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China, and carry out verification and disposal work such as case filing and administrative punishment in accordance with the law, so as to realize the closed-loop management of food safety supervision of”sampling, inspection, handling, control and research”. The information of non-conforming products produced in other places has been reported to the local market supervision and management department.
III. special tips
(I) when consumers buy or find unqualified food of the above batch number on the market, please call the 12315 hotline in time to complain or report to the local market supervision and administration department.
(II) for specific information about the results of food safety supervision and random inspection in this period, please log in to the public column of supervision and random inspection on the website of Chengdu market supervision administration.
Attachment:1. Summary of Chengdu 2022 No. 8 food supervision sampling samples
2. The inspection items -2022 No.8
Chengdu market supervision and Administration Bureau
July 22, 2022