Changsha chamber of Commerce held the information exchange and situation meeting on food safety risks in the first half of 2022
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On July 27, Changsha food safety office organized the city’s food safety risk information exchange and situation conference in the first half of 2022. Lu Xingying, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, presided over by zhouzhihui, director of the Municipal Food Safety Office and director of the municipal market supervision bureau.
At the meeting, the Municipal Food Safety Office, the Municipal Health Commission and other units reported on the sampling inspection and monitoring of food safety in the first half of 2022, and exchanged and discussed information on food safety supervision risks, complaints and reports, public opinion information and verification and disposal. At the meeting, the consumer committee, the Food Safety Association, food safety experts, news media and representatives of food enterprises were invited to exchange and discuss on the rights protection of food safety consumption, industry self-discipline, expert opinions, public opinion supervision and the implementation of main responsibilities.
In the first half of 2022, all relevant departments at all levels in the city fulfilled their duties, strengthened the supervision and management of food safety, solidly promoted the special actions of”keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers, and ensuring safety” of food safety, strengthened the investigation of hidden dangers, and strengthened the comprehensive management. There were no major and above food safety accidents and public opinion events in the city, and the overall situation of food safety was stable and orderly. In 2022, the city plans to complete 61480 batches of food quantitative detection and monitoring. By the end of June, 27459 batches have been completed, with an overall pass rate of 97.23%.
The meeting deployed the work in the second half of the year and required to adhere to the problem orientation and continue to strengthen inspection and testing. The sampling inspection task shall be completed on time and in quantity in strict accordance with the inspection plan issued by the Municipal Food Safety Commission. For the food with many problems detected in the first half of the year, all departments at all levels should carry out targeted sampling inspection in the second half of the year, find problems through incremental testing, deal with them in time, and constantly reduce the level of risk. Insist on handling according to law and continue to do a good job in the inspection and disposal work. Check and dispose the unqualified food in a timely manner to ensure that the”five in place” of product control, source tracing, cause investigation, administrative punishment, review and rectification are in place. Adhere to comprehensive rectification and continuously strengthen supervision and management. We should carry out comprehensive rectification, continue to strengthen supervision, increase disposal efforts, comprehensively urge relevant enterprises to strictly implement the main responsibility, and resolve potential risks in a timely manner. Adhere to information sharing and continue to make good use of the risk exchange platform. Risk exchange and situation consultation meetings should be held in time to exchange information, study and judge risks, share information, and improve the pertinence of supervision. We should adhere to joint efforts and management and continue to promote social co governance. We will fully implement territorial management, supervision and management, and corporate responsibility, strengthen social supervision, media supervision, and association supervision, promote social co governance, consolidate the foundation of food safety, and build a solid defense line for food safety.