Catch the”ice cream Assassin”! Jinan Shanghe County Market Supervision Bureau carried out a special inspection on the marked price of ice cream
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In this action, a total of 26 inspectors were dispatched to inspect 18 businesses, and 30 copies of the”Regulations on clearly marked prices and prohibition of price fraud” were distributed. The inspection found that most stores could make the price clear and the goods labels aligned. If the price was not standardized, they would be corrected on the spot.
According to the regulations, law enforcement officers warned operators that they should clearly mark the price in a significant way, and clearly mark the goods or services corresponding to the price. The clearly marked price should be true and accurate, with the goods’ labels aligned and the marks eye-catching according to the characteristics of goods and services, industries, regions and so on; When the price of goods or services changes, the operator shall adjust the corresponding price in time.
If consumers find illegal behaviors such as not clearly marking the price, please call 12345 or 12315 in time to complain and report, so as to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.