British media:half of the fish and chips restaurants in Britain may be closed due to sanctions against Russia
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   俄罗斯卫星通讯社莫斯科7月28日电 据英国《每日快报》(Daily Express)报道,英国大约一半专门供应本国流行的炸鱼薯条的餐馆,可能会因对俄制裁导致的原料和能源成本上升而关闭。

“About 5000 (fish and chips) snack bars may be at risk because they are forced to raise prices and have to sell cheaper food,” the report said
The newspaper pointed out that Britain had previously imposed a 35%import tariff on seafood from Russia.
Andrew crook, owner of fish and chips restaurant in Lancashire, said the supply price of COD rose from 8 pounds per kilogram to 14 pounds.
The operators of British fish and chip restaurants had previously said that they intended to seek fish supplies from Norway to curb the price rise caused by British sanctions against Russia.