Britain decides to impose 35%tariff on Russian seafood
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   来自SeafoodNews 7月22日消息,英国已正式决定对俄罗斯和白俄罗斯的鱼类征收35%的进口关税。

In March this year, the British government announced a ban on the export of high-end luxury goods to Russia and imposed new import tariffs on key Russian products. Whitefish was included in the list that would face an additional 35%tariff increase. However, in early April, the government said that they would review the possible impact of tariffs on the British marine industry before implementation.
In early May, Britain announced a new round of sanctions against Russia and Belarus. The target of the new sanctions is 1.7 billion pounds worth of goods, aimed at imposing sanctions on Russia due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
From July 20, Britain imposed an additional tariff of 35%on the third batch of goods from Russia and Belarus. The list includes:
– fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates (HS code 03);
– extracts and juices of meat, fish or crustaceans, molluscs or other aquatic invertebrates (1603);
– prefabricated or pickled fish, caviar and caviar substitutes (1604);
– prefabricated or pickled products of crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates (1605).
According to the British government, according to the time of levying the additional tariff, traders need to prove that the goods have completed the export formalities and left Russia or Belarus before July 20, 2022. Appropriate certificates include bills of lading or equivalent commercial documents, indicating that the goods have left Russia or Belarus, or documents proving that the goods have entered the customs procedures or territories of other countries.
The 35%tariff is a heavy blow to British fish and chip shops. They are not only facing rising energy bills, but also facing the rising pressure of oil and wheat prices caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
Seafish, the representative organization of the British marine industry, said that about 20%of the UK’s imported seafood came from Russia, and most of the global supply of white fish came from Russia. Sanctions against Russia led to a 20%- 30%rise in the price of white fish in the UK market.
The output of white fish in Russia accounts for 38%of the world’s total output, about 2.4 million tons. Last year, Britain directly imported 48000 tons of white fish products from Russia. National Fish Association (natio)Nal Federation of fish fries) said that fish and chip stores are facing the biggest crisis in history.