Brazilian official:China gives”green light” to import Brazilian soybean meal
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   据巴西农业部贸易和国际关系局长让·马塞尔·费尔南德斯(Jean Marcel Fernandes)透露,中国或将从巴西进口豆粕,巴中双方已于本月达成这一共识,拟定了谅解备忘录。

Brazil’s”Sao Paulo” reported on July 27 that China has been the largest export destination of Brazilian soybeans in recent years, but previously, Brazil’s soybean products exported to China were mainly soybean grains, excluding soybean meal.
According to Fernandez, the resolution was made at the meeting of the bilateral Subcommittee of the Brazilian high level coordination and cooperation committee (COSBAN), which is the main bilateral cooperation mechanism between Brazil and China.”A memorandum of understanding was drawn up at the Subcommittee meeting this month. After analyzing the potential risks of such products, China concluded that Brazilian soybean meal could be exported to China,” Fernandez said.
In addition to soybean meal, China also authorized the import of shelled peanuts, citrus dregs, concentrated soybean protein and fetal bovine serum from Brazil. In Fernandez’s view, this is a major measure taken by Brazil in the process of opening up its market to China in the past decade.
At present, Brazilian corn exports to China have not yet been implemented. According to Fernandez, Brazil and China have signed the protocol on phytosanitary requirements for Brazilian corn exported to China, but some adjustments need to be made before the implementation of the agreement, and the two sides are in negotiation.