Brazil issues regulations on the registration of poultry and egg farms and egg processing and production enterprises
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On July 11, 2022, the Brazilian Ministry of agriculture, animal husbandry and supply (mapa) issued Decree No. 612, establishing the registration regulations for poultry and egg farms and egg processing and production enterprises. The main contents are:(1) definition. Definitions of eggs, freeze-dried eggs, etc; (2) Egg enterprise classification. Poultry farms, egg and related products production enterprises; (3) General requirements. Basic conditions such as enterprise location, production enterprise hardware (cleaning and disinfection, compound separate storage facilities, lighting, processing water, temperature control facilities and equipment); (4) Production and processing requirements. Must have facilities for raw material acceptance, inspection, cleaning, classification, packaging, storage and temperature control; The acceptance of raw eggs must have the name, quantity and batch of the manufacturer; Requirements for disposal of broken eggs; Industrial processing requirements (specific requirements for pasteurized, dehydrated, canned and semi pickled eggs); Requirements for egg cold storage and freezing temperature; (5) Packaging requirements. In the packaging of eggs, it is forbidden to package eggs of different varieties, categories, weights and colors in the same container; Liquid eggs and frozen eggs should be stored in containers that meet the requirements of sanitary packaging; Contain the validity period and enterprise registration number of eggs, non-toxic printing ink, weight, traceability information, etc; (6) Storage and transportation requirements; It is forbidden to store and transport eggs and products with peculiar smell at the same time. Refrigerated eggs shall not exceed 5 ° C; The temperature of frozen egg products shall not exceed -12 ° C; (7) Final clause. This regulation applies to the eggs of other birds. The decree shall enter into force on August 1st, 2022.