Beijing:the”ice cream Assassin” has nothing to hide from the market supervision guards
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In order to regulate the ice cream market price order and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the market supervision departments at the municipal, district and institute levels in Beijing have timely coordinated to inspect the ice cream market price behavior.
During the on-site inspection, the law enforcement personnel paid attention to the combination of law enforcement and law popularization, and publicized to the operators the”provisions on clearly marking prices and prohibiting price fraud” (Order No. 56 of the State Administration of market supervision and Administration) implemented from July 1. The market supervision institute of Huangcun Town, Daxing District fined 7 ice cream operators 100 to 200 yuan respectively for violating the price regulations. Shunyi District Market Supervision Bureau fined 200 yuan respectively for the behavior of two individual industrial and commercial households that did not clearly mark the price. The market supervision bureau of Chaoyang District fined 14 ice cream operators (legal entities) who violated the regulations on clearly marked prices by 2000 yuan and one individual industrial and commercial household by 200 yuan.
The Beijing municipal comprehensive law enforcement corps of market regulation reminds consumers that when purchasing ice cream, if the price is not clearly marked, the price is not complete, or the goods are not signed in place, they can ask and prompt the staff in time, or call 12315 to complain and report, so as to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests according to law.
In the future, the market supervision department will continue to strengthen the inspection of people’s livelihood related commodities, strictly investigate and deal with price violations such as price fraud, and disclose typical cases to the public.
(contribution:municipal market supervision and comprehensive law enforcement corps)