Beijing:maintain food safety in the capital’s food production field with efficient supervision
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On June 28, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision organized a work deployment meeting in the field of food production supervision to promote the market supervision and management departments of all districts to strictly abide by the bottom line of food safety, resolutely implement the”four strictest” requirements, and comprehensively promote the reform of”license separation” in the field of food production. All the comrades of the food production department of the Municipal Bureau and the food technology evaluation and inspection center, as well as the personnel in charge of food production licensing, supervision and inspection in all district administration bureaus. Meeting requirements:
First, adhere to the”four strictest” standards, resolutely maintain the safety and stability of the food production field in the capital, and continue to promote the integration process of food production supervision before, during and after the event while continuing to optimize the business environment.
Second, speed up the construction of food inspectors. Strengthen the study of laws and regulations, food safety standards and professional knowledge of food production supervisors, improve the supervision and inspection ability of supervisors, and provide technical support for scientific and efficient supervision.
Third, strengthen the construction of supervision style, improve the internal working system and process, improve the supervision mechanism, keep the red line of discipline, and forge the image of discipline style of food production supervision team.
The Beijing Municipal Bureau of market regulation requires all food production supervisors to establish a sense of problem, risk and responsibility, and consolidate their regulatory responsibilities to ensure food safety in the capital’s food production field.
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