Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision carried out secret visits to food safety to ensure the effectiveness of the special action of”inspection and protection”
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Since July, the supervision team of the Municipal Bureau has successively inspected Mentougou District, Shijingshan District, Haidian District, Xicheng District, Tongzhou District and other places, and specially supervised the implementation of the special action of”inspection and protection” by various district bureaus through open and secret visits, on-site data access and other means. For the problems found, organize special discussion, analyze the problems found, summarize the hidden dangers of food safety, and investigate and fill the regulatory loopholes. All kinds of problems found shall be ordered to rectify within a time limit. At present, the districts involved in the problem have responded to the inspection notification letter in a timely manner, and launched an overall inspection by taking one anti three measures.
Next, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of market regulation will also carry out in-depth supervision of the special action of”inspection and protection”, guide all districts in the city to adopt the method of level by level supervision and layer by layer compaction, continue to make efforts in the food business links, continue to increase the coverage of risk screening, and combine the daily supervision work, taking the key areas, key links and key varieties as the starting point, and integrate the inspection coverage, problem discovery rate We should pay close attention to the completion rate of disposal, fully prevent food safety risks, and firmly hold the bottom line of food safety.

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